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I remember being pregnant with Cammy and having an overwhelming amount of suggestions for the hospital bag (if that’s where you plan to deliver) and what I “needed” to bring with me. Oh my gosh– some of the suggestions. There were ranges from bringing just a couple of items to bringing two loads worth of tons of unnecessary things- and I was REALLY stressed about what I really needed because it was my first time and I had no idea!

This time around I know exactly what I need and what works for me! It’s SOOO individualized when it comes to what to pack- there is no way to have a perfect list that works for everyone! It would be too much, too little or not the right items somewhere along the way. Below is what I listed for what I MUST have and how we condensed it ALL (except the pillow) into one suitcase for me, Mike, Ellie and even some Cammy items 🙂

First up, a boppy pillow. One of my FAVORITE items for the hospital and after baby is born! They are so comfy, convenient, perfect for newborns, nursing and even nice just for yourself in the hospital bed while baby’s getting tests done/in the nursery! Getting a nice soft cover is a plus too! I love that they have interchangeable covers you can purchase. We have one softer pink one and one cotton material one. This is where little lady will be perched for much of her hospital visit!


Secondly, boob gear. I have 3 nursing bras and a nursing tank packed, that’s all I’ll need if that. But also there are other necessary things I have this time that I did NOT have all of last time.

I have breast pads this time too even though I didn’t need them until I got home last time, just in case! Lanisoh is my FAVE brand for these!


Definitely boob cream too because the beginning of nursing, especially in cold winter– let’s just say vaguely that it’s PAINFUL. It took me six weeks to stop crying over the pain! But holy moly it was so worth trucking through!! Maybe it’ll be easier this time around for me because I’ve done it before? I hope so! I actually haven’t used the one that bought this time but we’ll see how it goes, I’m going out today to buy a second brand just to have JUST in case.


We also went ahead and invested in the hot/cold soothers that you can use for relief (Lanisoh Therapearl – Target) because for everything I’m going through, I’m sure it’s worth it. Nursing, like I said, was very tough in the beginning for me! Also packed with those are the instructions on how to heat and cool them properly because we have no idea hahah!

A nursing cover for when guests are in the room visiting from Udder Covers– LOVE these because if you sign up for emails you get FREE coupons and you only pay for shipping! So cheap! And they are super light weight which you want- helps baby not be so sweaty and crammed under there!

Next up- a spare phone charger that fits Mike’s AND my phone! Necessary!

A couple of items hidden in our suitcase for Cammy (spare diapers for her, coloring book, crayons, and yes a little candy:)) so she doesn’t get too bored on her visits and she feels a little more at home!


DEFINITELY warm fuzzy socks for me! They did provide with me soft ones in the hospital last time but my feet were always freezing for the most part there. I gotta make sure I have someone helping me walk post surgery so I don’t slip and bust my butt but while I’m sedentary and parked up in bed most of the day– I need warm feet! 🙂 Plus– it’s a comfort thing!


One PREEMIE sized outfit for Ellie! You never know how small/big they’re really going to come out, but Cammy was born 7 lbs 5 oz (and then lost weight in the hospital as they do) and was swimming in her newborn stuff for a few weeks, they’re just SO teeny at first! 🙂

We have a January baby so it’s necessary to have a little tiny snowsuit – according to Cammy hahah 🙂


A bunch of onesies, little pants, some PJ’s 🙂



And definitely tiny socks, scratch mittens, new nail clippers even though I think the nurses will cut their nails, pacis, a seashore from Cammy to Ellie and a little hat!


Cammy also felt these owl slippers were a necessity for her sister! LOL!


Swaddle blankets and one bigger soft one from home for when we’re snuggling our girl 🙂 The hospital ones are great but it’s nice to have some of these lighter and cute ones! 🙂


And lastly, I left the photobomb Ellie Belly in this last image hahah! For myself I have the nursing tanks, socks, some bigger sized PJ pants packed, a couple of open front sweater/cardigans to keep me warm, etc– but my toiletries I try to keep necessary and simple! You don’t do a heck of a lot of primping at the hospital! I did pack makeup though just in case I wanted to feel pretty for some pictures, haha, but besides that I have Simple Eye Makeup remover pads, Burt’s Bee’s face wipes (so gentle!), Tom’s deodorant because I try to go as natural as I can when nursing, especially at first! Toothbrush, etc! Hair brush. hair ties, etc 🙂

Not pictured- Mike’s clothes: underwear, pants, shirts 🙂 Haha!

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    Love it! l Love it! Can’t wait to see pictures of this little darling! You all are going to have such a wonderful experience! XOXOXOXXO

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    Oh, those owl slippers ARE necessary! Smart girl 🙂

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