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If you are new to these – let me give you the quickest intro I can to explain WHAT a Lifeflow list is!

Tired Amanda, Tired Mike, lots of arguments and miscommunications later…these lists were born. Planners didn’t cover what we needed. Goal lists didn’t cover what we needed. Dry erase calendars weren’t covering this either. What we NEEDED was a set of lists that cover our day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month and yearly responsibilities and duties that we kept missing.

Forgetting to pay a bill = Late fee, argument, frustration
Forgetting to get car registration taken care of = Ticket, argument, frustration
Laundry/dishes accumulating = Entire days off spent on housework, argument, frustration and a growing distance between us

We got sick of trying to memorize all the things. We got so tired of the arguments because that’s just not Mike and I, at all. We are best friends and teammates and the loves of each other’s lives and that wasn’t working for us at all…so we started making simple but effective lists that covered the basics of what needed to get done daily. Then the weekly, monthly and yearly.

The biggest weight was LIFTED! We finally communicated in a way that brought back happiness and respect into our marriage. We needed these so badly. Then we realized when we talked about them on the blog and social media there was a need for these. People wanted to know what that weight being lifted felt like and were having the same problems as us, but no one really talks about it! So, we created PDFs people could purchase, use as a guide and make their OWN.

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So what’s the difference between a calendar or planner and the Lifeflow lists? We’ll explain why BOTH are crucial but are different. Planners nowadays can be so incredible (love my Simplified Planner and my Google Calendars SO much!) but for the little things we forget and leave out because life is SO crazy, we NEED Lifeflow lists!

Planners/Google Calendars host these things for me:

  • Appointments
  • Weddings/Sessions
  • Meetings
  • Daycare dates
  • Blog & social media scheduling calendar on Google
  • Ballet/dance obligations
  • Cammy’s school activities
  • Bill payment dates & due dates calendar on Google

The Lifeflow lists host these types of things for us:

  • Daily includes: water plants, vitamins, don’t forget to floss (lol), lavender in the diffuser before bedtime, etc and much more, a list of at least 15 things that may be obvious but with three little girls we can NOT depend on ourselves to remember it all!
  • Weekly includes: empty the vacuum cleaner out, clean out the family car and other important tasks that aren’t daily but do need to be done frequently for upkeep
  • Monthly includes: checking the air filter, match all missing socks, schedule hair cuts as necessary, etc
  • Yearly includes: car registration/inspection, association fees for neighborhood, choosing & budgeting for Christmas cards, etc!

Every day, we have our daily list on the counter. We update it accordingly and we reference the weekly, monthly & yearly nearby in order to make sure we don’t need to add anything to the daily but we have it all, OUT of our brains, right there for peace of mind! Want to know more? Head to the shop and grab one of the bundles we have available! We do these lists for traveling as a family, nursing moms traveling and much more!! 🙂



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