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This post is very subjective- we all do things differently, have different needs, different requirements..but as a working woman with two children under three and the most supportive husband ever, we have managed to come up with a great system of traveling to my out of town Saturday weddings together because to be quite honest with you, we don’t like being apart.

Could Mike stay home with the girls while I travel, shoot, and travel home or get my own hotel? Of course he could! But..we ache when we’re apart. I’m still nursing, that’s another factor..but we mostly just LOVE being together and those little girls are DEFINITELY used to traveling and their carseats now and that’s what we wanted! We never wanted to be constricted when it came to 3-5 hour car trips because of our babies so we tried our best to get them used to it early. The first WEEK they’re born, we go out somewhere shopping or get groceries, we get them going in that car. and I always wanted to be able to run errands as I needed to so there’s hardly a day a week that I don’t leave the house with them. A lot of people put this off, because..well it can be crazy! Chaotic, unpredictable, sweaty, messy..but such is life! And I embrace it hahah!!

First and foremost..the best thing two things you can do for yourselves are 1) be as prepared as possible while 2) packing as minimally and condensed as you can.

The first thing we take care of is my equipment and make sure it’s all properly packed, using my equipment check list which I’ve spoken about several times. Gosh — it really sounds SIMPLE right? Down to almost being unnecessary? Well sister..take it from me, you are only doing yourself a favor having one of these especially if you’re a busy person with other lives to take care of! We start charging everything the night before and making sure all of that is ready. That gets taken care of first because it’s the most important thing that we can’t just go “buy more of” like clothes, diapers, etc. It’s the REASON we are traveling!

Note: we use ONE large suitcase between the four of us. It’s possible somehow!

Secondly, we pack the girl’s stuff. One night stay – 3 outfits, 2-3 pairs of pjs, 20-25 diapers (Cammy is potty trained and needs 1-2 for the night but Elliebells is a pee machine, we go through around 10-15 a day with her), a full pack of wipes, vaseline/desitin, baby shampoo, a couple of OUR washcloths + 1-2 baby towels from home (usually softer and aren’t washed with bleach like hotels, just being cautious on the new baby’s skin). Baby bathing suits in case mama gets time to take them to the hotel pool but it doesn’t always happen. When I DO have time– we’ve usually forgotten to pack the bathing suits haha! 4-5 pairs of Cammy underwear, 1-2 books, some sort of coloring or interactive thing and a couple of baby toys. Overall this list is very bare MINIMUM and if you have kids you’ll agree! That’s normal stuff! ADULTS require more! There’s also of course empty bottles, empty sippy cups, snacks and drinks but that’s it for them. In the grand scheme of all things baby you have in your household and you think you need — this is nothing! It’s very minimal for them!

Mike and I of course pack the bare essentials clothes wise. We don’t do anything fancy, we don’t need nice clothes. Usually I’ll pack two pairs of yoga or sweat pants, t-shirts, one sweater or casual cardigan and under-stuff lol. Mike usually packs cargo shorts or jeans, 2 shirts, etc. We don’t pack tons of “entertainment” items for ourselves either because we’re not gonna get the it’s ONE book or ONE video gamey thing whatever that Nintendo thing is he has lol..the chances of us getting to use it are small so no need to take up space. These are quick trips!

The other things obviously are toiletries but we have basically TWO freezer bags (see through is BEST! Forget fancy bags for toiletries, being able to see through makes us efficient and that’s what we need!) with travel sized EVERYthing– travel sized stuff is the best! So easy to pick it up at the grocery store, Walmart, Target etc because they’re in their own little section! Shampoos, little razors, little deodorant, little soap. Tiny everything lol! I even own a “tiny” wet brush from target hahah!! Seriously it makes such a difference to have less room taken up!!!

Maybe ONE extra pair of shoes each if we really need em, in plastic bags in the suitcase. I can’t think of anything else we bring..but packing minimal and doing things like using the see through bags makes SUCH a difference! We usually bring a small book bag as a diaper bag too- easy to transport!

It’s not so bad! Yes– you have to be prepared for diaper messes, occasional spit up– etc..but if you are VERY prepared in other aspects of the trip you will feel less helpless when inevitable chaos ensues! Don’t be scared to travel or it will NEVER get easier!! 🙂

Leave early! Spend the extra money for another night if you can because it will be worth it to take your time!
Pull out cash from the ATM and keep a “food budget” because that can get outta hand, too!

See this? This was the first time we traveled with Ellie. We learned from this that we packed WAY too much!! Don’t do this!! HAHA! 🙂 Unless you have a ton of kids..then you may need to, understandably!

Another from the first trip together right after Ellie was born — we even gave in on the paci for this one since we dragged her hours away from home hahah! 1457646_10100880482238667_1688367634_n

And there he is again, Michael Alsop looking cute holding babies like he does hahaha!! 🙂 I’m pretty sure he has his own hashtag for these moments!! 🙂


POOL TIME! So worth it!! We had a blast! This was a the first CLIC in Raleigh!1506686_10100879302542787_1795381134_n

Hotel love with my two girls! First trip for Elliebells!


Thanks Katelyn for this! 🙂 1901230_10100879684866607_1638678256_n

Road trip snuggles 🙂 10363755_10100973739959447_2770521819374843162_n

And sometimes we do this in matching hotel robes hahaha! 10592891_10101046854287747_6356359413714218681_n

We would have missed out on this group family picture with one of our FAVORITE fams if we had left the girls at home — so glad we bring them! 10534071_10101047606370567_2040218984810187173_n

And this picture of Cammy and Bokeh boy never would have happened and it’s pretty much the cutest EVER! 10606337_10101048205100707_3145591913556435029_n

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  1. Audrey says:

    LOVE THIS! We bring our baby girl and our huge “puppy” Gus with us on road trips and work trips as well and yes it’s totally crazy but wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks for sharing life with us!

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