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This is silly isn’t it? But I can’t stop kind of laughing that this ACTUALLY happened to me! I’ve never broken anything until now..and here I am loving my job more than anything, shooting this incredible day..about to turn 30 years old at midnight and BAM…vendor runs into my face while my camera is up to my eye shooting the cake cutting. This REALLY happened! I got hit SO hard that my nose cracked loudly and my own camera broke my nose! The Mark III is a BEAST let me tell you!!! 🙂

I’m not actually going to write a play by play of how to shoot with a broken nose because we all know this is a relative topic. Getting hurt is subjective– it could be REALLY bad, or it could be just a mild boo boo. In my case, it was black, blue, purple and red for a week and is still broken 4 weeks later. It hurts when I come near it still but it’s getting better! It’s DEFINITELY a life lesson and also an achievement for me that I got through something like this!

All I want to tell you today is..determination is a crazy incredible force. I actually got my nose physically broken and it was PAINFUL and loud and I was like’re not missing this cake cutting moment. Keep going. I know that if it had been worse, I may not have been able to…but after 75 weddings I have learned that my PURE and utter physical and mental exhaustion at the end of the night shows how much I pushed through the entire day. It doesn’t seem hard..does it? Holding that camera and just “taking pictures” — but it’s a world of crazy tehcnicals, split second decisions and moves we have to make to accommodate light, speed, environment.. it’s insane and damn if I don’t love being a wedding photographer with every fiber of my being. Gimme all da stress and hustle, I’ll take it!

I love my broken nose because it was a lesson that I really in fact do kick butt more than I give myself credit for…and the fact that I kept shooting through it?! You go myself!!! HAHAHA!

But really– if this happens to you, remember your eyes will start watering immediately and be ready for it! Wipe em! Keep your head in the game! Ice it if you can but if not do it when you get home, I should have done it sooner! Avoid getting bumped on the dance floor after too so it doesn’t feel worse..and did I mention push push push through!? 🙂


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  1. Audrey says:

    Oh my goodness Amanda this is insane!!!!! I can’t believe you got this gorgeous image after your face just got smashed in. You go girl, from me 🙂 ps what lighting did you use here it’s amazing!!

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