I Got My Enneagram Number WRONG (I’m NOT a 1, I’m a 7!)

I made a YouTube video for those of you who know exactly what it feels like to be like wait… waaaait a second, did I mistype myself somewhere along the way? As I moved through my anorexia recovery last year & the beginning of this year, it became increasingly apparent that the nagging feeling I had been experiencing for a while that I may not be an Enneagram One was there for a good reason. I am not in fact a One. I’m a Seven who had been trapped in extreme stress for a LONG time! Healing was a gift to be because it gave me my life back and saved my life – but also because now I know myself better and how I think, why I am the way I am and what I need to know in order to move forward in a healthy way. This is one of the GREAT gifts of the Enneagram, it’s a tool to be able to help us understand ourselves better so we can live our best lives! And, how to understand the people in our lives better! I hope you enjoy this video – especially if you thought you were a One but realized you too were Seven, I heard from a few people who had the same revelation as me in my Instagram DMs! XOXO

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