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It’s the HOLIDAY SEASON!!! YAYY!!! Seriously — we are the people that squeal annoyingly when we see those first Christmas decorations up in stores and run toward all the sparkly things and shining lights. We love it. We ABSOLUTELY love it and we cherish it so much…so you know we’re also the ones who decorate for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving…very, very unapologetically.

This year was this huge beautiful awakening of my soul, finding God again but then going through the loss of my brother all within the same couple of weeks..that’s how my year began. Heaven and Hell, in the same timeframe. It was confusing for me, it was a huge life challenge to figure out how to take all of that in at one time. Then, we got the beautiful news a couple months later that I was pregnant, but ended up suffering a seriously painful pregnancy in more ways than you wanna know and than I am willing to horrify you with, lol. Shot beautiful weddings of the most incredible brides and grooms that changed my life inspiring me with their love and stories, but took too long editing because of fatigue, nausea, dehydration and other issues. Life was insane this year. It was crazy. And within the next week-ish, I’m having our baby FINALLY and I believe that okay…this is it. THIS is going to be our happy ending we’ve been desperate for ALL YEAR!!! But I can’t have her and go straight back into working my butt off. This time, I take a REAL break..and not just because I’m on maternity leave, lol. It’s time to implement this more often and for longer periods during the year..not just “a day or two” once every 6 months.


Something has to happen for us to recharge and become sound with our minds and bodies again and it’s called SLOWING DOWN. Please listen to me, you need to take a break. A REAL BREAK. Not just a weekend off. Not one day off of emails. Small business owners, you went into business for yourselves for a reason but you’re being the biggest jerk boss of all overworking like crazy. Please, because it’s all in the power of your own hands…take an actual scheduled break off for yourself, use smart and careful preparation and planning to execute this. You HAVE to refresh. You have to learn to breathe again and to feel safe to walk away from the business. If a client emails you and you have an automated message up saying you’re on vacation (for once!) or not in the office, and they don’t work with you because of that…that is not your client anyway. It would break my heart to think that someone you’ve never met before feels they deserve to take that rare off-time back from your own family, especially the little ones that grow and change every day or from that husband who would give anything for you to watch an entire movie with him without checking your phone.


Take a real break. I promise you deserve it. If not for you, do it for the people who need you fully present in their lives. Our lives seem to fly by, right? We never know what tomorrow holds, and you don’t want to look back and say you’re oh-so-glad you worked through another holiday season and answered emails instead of held those babies more, spooned your husband and had a real no-technology-around talk with him about life. Be there you guys, for yourselves and for your family.


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