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Hi there friends! Today we begin sharing our new blog series, Salt Air Entrepreneur! This is a category I’ve constructed where I can happily tuck posts relating to all things business owner, entrepreneur and the spirit that comes along with being someone who absolutely is head-over-heels obsessed with building their empire, no matter how big or small, in the hopes of serving clients well and leaving a lasting, MEANINGFUL impression.

In order to start this series off properly, there’s something you need to know about me. If you’ve been following us for any period of time you probably already know a few things:

I have three daughters (#themermaidmafia, haha!)
I have a really awesome nerd husband
I live on the Outer Banks of NC
I am a photographer
I often pretend I live in Nicholas Sparks novel
Elle Woods is my spirit animal
I’m in love with sea glass, salty kisses by the sea and living in the sunshine

These are probably the most basic ways to explain who I am if I had to sum it up very generally…but you need to know something else.

Ahhh, real life 🙂 ^


No really, I love the hustle and I love working HARD. I love creating, I love brainstorming content and I love thinking of ways to share with the community. I love so many things that come along with being an entrepreneur and I want to always be bold, innovative and inspired by this! But I also love something else…


What? I love to slow down? I love to hustle and I love to slow down, sounds SO contradictory. But here’s the absolute truth about my entrepreneurial spirit.

My heart for business has more than one dimension and THAT IS OKAY! In fact, it’s the way I’ve maintained the healthiest balance of all. I’ve realized that I’m both a hustler and mama that needs to rest and take a break occasionally, and here’s how that looks for us and WHY it makes sense!:

  • In my experience, I can’t know slow without hustle and I can’t know hustle without slow.
  • Some seasons in business CALL for hustle because they’re inevitably busier! In comparison to Spring, Summer and Fall – we hardly have any work load in the winter. Winter is my time to truly slow down, enjoy the holidays and work on projects that took the back burner but at a calmer, slower pace.
  • I don’t hate hustling at all, I hate hustling for month after month with NO break. In order to take breaks though, I NEED to hustle some weeks. Not every week is made of a perfectly spaced out schedule! There are occasional late nights and early work mornings, but in turn – I’m rewarded with a week of slow with pre-scheduled content to deliver so that I can take a step back and breathe!
  • I’m absolutely FUELED when I work hard and hustle. It actually fulfills me and makes me really, really content and it makes me a happier wife and mom. As long as I’m not over-doing it and I’m there for my family, I can totally maintain a hustle that keeps my family separate and not feeling neglected, and then I accordingly take a slow week and pour back into them!
  • Since when do we have to choose?  I didn’t choose between baby and business, I chose to start a family and build a business at the same time. I also take pride in the fact that I can be “balanced” by choosing to hustle and chase slow all in the same. I know the signs when I’m ready for a break and need to slow down, but I also know when I’m moving too slowly for too long and ready to jump back in the game!


I’ve been seeing a lot of people mention “balance is a myth” and it’ll never be achieved, but I encourage those who spread that concept negatively to take a step back and rethink how THEY are running their life and business. Perfect balance? No way. That would be making a statement that you can literally predict all events of your life before they occur, which is NOT true! But balance on purpose and by being wiser and more intentional with your schedule, workload and your workflow system you’re using during limited work hours? Yeah…you CAN get some balance that way! I wouldn’t ever stop working toward something positive, like the concept of balance, that would ensure a healthier environment for my family and business alike just because it’s hard. It took us almost seven years and we FINALLY have things where we want them, mostly because we were smart enough to start outsourcing slowly but surely!

Not all seasons are easy. Maybe you’ve been like me and had an on-the-floor meltdown in front of your kids during an incredibly overbooked season in business. Well, I’m human! I make mistakes daily and then I learn from them. As long as I’m changing my actions to learn from those mistakes, I’m succeeding. I’m insisting that a general resemblance of balance can be a part of our lives.

So you can do you…if that’s a hustler 24/7 or a slow chaser 365 days a year. Me? I’m going to have both. And that’s what keeps me a happy mom, wife, business owner and individual!

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