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I prayed for it. Last year, when I was in and out of the hospital. Even IN the hospital, laying there alone because Mike had to take the kids home because they wouldn’t all be able to sleep there while I was hooked up to the IV’s. I didn’t specifically say “God make me more creative” but I prayed to feel like my inspired self again, because being so sick and so stressed about being sick took such a toll on my creative heart for the better part of that pregnancy.

I made myself work out, I made myself stay active.  I took care of myself as best I could, but the further along I was, the harder it got. Two overnight hospital stays, one ambulance ride and plenty of IV bags later…I made it to the end of the pregnancy. She was coming, she would be IN my arms soon and out of my body that was not able to handle carrying her very well and making sure I knew it constantly. My heart started to really dwindle during the end of that time…I was spent. I cried so much, I slept as much as I could, I threw up so much I literally had nothing left…no wonder she was my smallest baby and went home just a tiny bit over 6 lbs! It was my third pregnancy and didn’t even reach the weight gain I did in my previous two, I was REALLY sick.

Then, she came. Autumn Jean arrived safely and oh my good gosh did she change our lives. At first, she was very fussy and we were sooooo worried. You see, I don’t think I have the patience or stability to handle a baby that never stops crying. There, I’ll admit it. I’m not perfect! I think that would have absolutely killed me, because I need to make my kids happy and stop crying or it just drives me nuts, I wish I had more patience, but I don’t 🙁 Then after a couple of weeks..she was easy. It was amazing. Laid back, happy and sweet…it was jackpot all day long with this girl!

After that rough pregnancy and then the painful third c-section healing experience, the sky started to look bluer. The sunshine never looked so good, it never felt warmer..even in the dead of winter. My creativity started to appear again in little bursts of ideas here and there, light at the end of a very dark and stressful tunnel I was sick of crawling in.

My creativity started to turn into AMAZING ideas that will hopefully not just change my business, but other’s lives! My goals because more God-centered about serving others well while serving myself and I started to see and want something different for my business for the first time in, well, ever! For the first time, I saw a different direction to ADD into my business, because no, I am not taking away weddings…at this season in life, they are still my heart, soul and passion.

We are on the verge of announcing some new things, and some of you may know that one of them is a motherhood based resources! It’s kind of neat and it’s not just for creative business moms, it’s also for Outer Banks local moms and Outer Banks vacationing moms! Stay TUNED for that coming soon!

In addition to that…something else 🙂 All I will say is that sometimes, when I’m in a funk, I focus on someone else, their story, etc and I can do a better job helping them than myself. Any ideas?!?! It’s COMING SOON! 🙂 I have about four more big projects to do before getting to the point of announcing, so keep an eye out!

So basically..I prayed for inspiration again, I prayed for creativity. I prayed for it because I thought it was gone. I wanted it back, and if it wasn’t meant to it wouldn’t have come back but it OVERFLOWED and overwhelmed me! If you pray or hope for creativity or ideas as an entrepreneur, and you are blessed by way more than you expect…here are some ways to manage it!

1. Literally list them all out! As they are flowing in, write write write!
2. Now, take that list and figure out some way to be brave enough to prioritize it. What do you LOVE the most on this list and it’s actually doable with hard work? Put that first! Even if it’s a little scary, if it’s something you can dream big about…GO for it!
3. Determine whether or not you can additionally take on or start some of those other ideas on the list! Does your number one HAVE to be exclusive and demand it’s own full attention to be built or can you choose a couple of things and go back and forth working on them?
4. Call yourself to action! Start to illustrate how these plans are going to play out and work like heck to get it done! SCHEDULE specifically outlined office time per project!
5. Never, stop, praying. Ever. You prayed for the creativity, but did you pray thanks when you received it? Thank you Lord even when I feel overwhelmed by a BIG yes from you!

If it never showed, I would keep praying. As I moved through the seasons of my life, and it wasn’t showing up still..I would take it as a sign that God was probably trying to send me in a different direction for a while and I really needed not to fight it, and to listen to what He was trying to say. But you know what? Who knows if He would have given it back to me again some day, maybe in a different form. All I know is that I know in my heart right now that He is using me for good things. These things I’m working on will be a component of my business, and make a living for our family just like what I’m doing now…but they are SERVING centered, they are intentionally to help others and I can’t wait to see how His wonderful and inspiring love moves through me and changes others lives! 🙂



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