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I’m not kidding that I have EIGHT saved blog drafts from yesterday. I had an idea (and coffee first, which is probably why I had so many ideas) and would write– get halfway through a blog..and then say nah, this isn’t enough right now. I need more.

I tried to blog all morning yesterday and even wrote one draft this morning. I’m not going to use them. I LOVE blogging and when I write one, it’s written pretty well and with either loads of info or loads of love and inspiration. But something is just going on with me today and I can’t. Is that okay? Can I fail just a little?

This will be my imperfect blog post. The time I sat and tried to write one and it didn’t work. It will be the morning that I sat in my pink Tortuga’s Lie sweatshirt Mike bought me so I wouldn’t be cold during fireworks on Saturday night, sitting in the sand with our babies. Ellie watching them and in love with them and Cammy passed out drooling on his shoulder. The night Ellie spit up all over me and Cammy got sand in her eye.

This will be the blog post where I made coffee in my new OBX mug, Ellie woke up at 6am and Cammy is still asleep in our bed. Where I remember that today’s sunrise through my window, where I can see the ocean..was sherbet orange and beautifully filtered through cirrus clouds.

The morning I was so unbelievably excited to have knocked out a huge amount of editing recently and will be delivering a lot of weddings soon after a SEVEN wedding streak and moving to a new state. Getting behind is no fun, but catching up is glorious!

That’s what today is. Not a perfect blog..but a day I really am appreciating this life after a weekend with my family. Happy Monday to all — I’ll have a “better” blog for you tomorrow 🙂

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