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I know it is CRAZY to think that this is ONLY the *second* blog that I have posted this week! You know something is going on when I am not blogging consistently, and it’s hard to admit when I fall behind but I kind of have been! The truth is, when we moved here..it was a hard transition..and then our appreciation and PURE JOY and love for where we lived sucked us into this force we can’t seem to describe where we enjoyed each other’s company more and found ourselves giving the babies in our lives..the babies that will NEVER EVER be babies again..our time. It was hard to find time to edit, email, etc..people are double emailing me when I haven’t responded in 2-3 days because they are SO not used to me not emailing back right away! And then there was last night when my husband was hit by a tractor trailer and totaled his car that started to catch fire and smoked and yeah— he’s alive thankfully but he could have very well not come home to me last night. Or these girls. So I’m a little overwhelmed right now to say the least.

The air is different here, I say it all the time. It’s different. When I went to BVI for Brittany and Kris’s wedding this May..my life was changed by learning about people who are able to live on island time. Island time is a phenomenon you could only dream of living by — for our waitress to drop off our breakfast, walking slowly to the table, and slowly away..and not coming back for almost 40 minutes that morning after we rushed the meal eating process as usual like we do here  … it was the beginning of a couple of days that taught me a big life lesson. I was also reading Thrive by Ariana Huffington and seeing how unfortunately nowadays our mental health and being rushed constantly is literally killing people, physically, our souls, our well being. We are getting accustomed to this societal expectation that everything needs to happen NOW. She goes on to say all kinds of inspiring things that warmed my heart and soul but it was the fact that her employees are able to take naps and rest when needed AND ENCOURAGED to vacation that taught me a big life lesson. I am my only employee. I do the best I can but I can not be a sick and miserable mother, wife or individual to be perfect all of the time. I do everything I can and spend many late nights working. I may fall behind sometimes but I will always do my best, the best I can as one individual to make this business run the best she can. I am a human. We are all flawed..and I am admitting I am not a perfect business owner and mama.

But– I’m okay. It’s weird not to be consistent right now but I’m okay. This is life, life does this. We are okay if anyone was wondering where we went hahahah!! 🙂 Just pushing through a bit of a rough patch. I’m so ready to pummel through this busy busy month and then finish it up with our FIRST family trip to Disney that we got a heck of a deal on through our friend Amy who helps families plan Disney vacations! Email me if you need her info! 🙂

The thing to remember and accept about work life balance– is that sometimes, it will be unbalanced. There is no perfect person out there who has all the bills paid on time, dinner ready and a clean house and kids while running a perfectly efficient business. All we can give is everything we have to a healthy degree and know at the end of the day we loved our incredible clients, our families and ourselves to the best of our ability given the circumstances.

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  1. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration this morning!

  2. This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today. THANK YOU. xoxo

  3. Always love reading your blogs, Amanda! It’s always like a sigh of relief to know that someone else goes through similar experiences and occasional setbacks. Karlton was in a similar car accident 3 years into our relationship and it was that terrifying day that I learned I never wanted to live without him. So glad Mike is okay!!

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