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I think I’ve mentioned this before in blogs but the truth is that I REALLY need to stop everything I’m doing lately and heed my own words. Gosh, the past week has just been insane..I have lost my patience three major times with the girls and I feel absolutely and positively terrible.

Not like oh I shouted a little, I got really really mad at them. Like, gave them no grace and made them feel bad. I really hate admitting that, I hate having anyone read this and picture me actually shouting at my tiny little children, but it’s just what I did and it’s the kind of mom I was three times in one week.

There are TWO correlations that always come up when I have these weeks, and thankfully these weeks happen only about twice a year where it’s just REALLY hard like this. Let’s talk about them today and see if you can relate to this!

If I’m losing it, and if I’m really breaking down, chances are…

1. I’m working a lot and probably overbooked just slightly. It never fails, but you know what? It’s not the actual being out of the house thing. It’s not the going to work part either…that’s the EASY part and the stress reliever! It’s the packing up to get there and it’s the things that pile up because of not being home to take care of things or help Mike to. The dishes get higher, the laundry piles up more, people ask me where things are and what needs to be done and I’m just trying to take care of getting to work.  That usually causes a snap or two on my part.

2. I’m trying to accomplish work or home tasks when the girls actually really need my attention. I have fallen into a horrible habit of waking up and just pummeling through chores. I stopped slowly waking up and enjoying quiet mornings when the third baby came along because I always feel rushed and let’s be real, that’s because things just went completely crazy when she arrived because the workload from 2 to 3 was waaaaaay harder than I expected! She’s THE easiest baby and I’m this stressed?! Having little ones so close in age is very tricky. Although Cammy (4) is so independent, she still needs love, help and patience from me. I can’t write her off in the booboos and attention department because she still is just a tiny little girl! Ellie is so wild and toddlers are a ton of work as it is…so basically, I just NEED to slow down and stop trying to get dishes and laundry and cleaning done because it’s the moment I get interrupted that I snap. Next time you snap on your little ones, pay attention to why/how it happens. Is it JUST their behavior or is it because you were trying to doing something productive when it occurred? 

My girls fight ALL the time, like back to back to back arguments but the only time I REALLY snap about it is because the annoyance of being interrupted by their bickering stops me in my tracks of getting things done! I found the correlation…..and it’s just as plain as day!

How can you avoid mommy flip outs? No, wine is not the answer although that sounds fun!

1. Don’t overbook/over schedule your priorities
2. Don’t forget to get fresh air and exercise and time without the 
kids! I notice if I haven’t been to the gym in weeks I’m WAY more prone to flip on them..which is why I’m heading there this morning!
3. Listen to them. Be there for them. Yes, it’s a pain to stop loading the dishwasher when you just got started…but you will never regret looking back at your life and choosing the kids over the chores.
4. Communicate with your spouse and schedule chore time if it’s piled up, it can’t hurt!
5. If you can, find time to take a shower to cool off, water can REALLY change a mood!
6. Ask for help! There’s no shame in asking a babysitter to come over just so you can cool down, do laundry, take a shower!

You got this little mama! I KNOW it’s not easy, but tomorrow is always another day to try again!!! XOXOXO



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  1. Amanda, I know exactly how you feel! I have a 2 1/2 year old little girl and a 7 month old little girl, I work full time, and I go to school full time. There are definitely moments that I am not proud of when I am trying to get the house taken care of or balance the checking account, BUT God’s grace is sufficient! My youngest was in the hospital for three weeks after she was born, and God taught me a lot about His grace, faithfulness to us, and His love. We are so blessed that we have a God that is as loving and forgiving as He is. You are doing an awesome job with your beautiful little mermaids! Keep up the good work. xoxo

  2. Jenn Michelle Photography says:

    Amanda.. you always inspire me. Since the first q & a, I went too at your house to years later!! Since transfering to Italy my business is doing so well, and I love it, but.. yes but.. I realized what the word “balance” really means. My kiddos & hubs were the ones that would get the snap out of me.. I had to take a deep breath, and find balance in all.. Your honesty is so heart warming!!! This blog is something I really needed to read. 🙂

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