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When I sat down and thought about the last place we had a gym membership, my jaw dropped. I was thinking of it, the last time me and Mike walked into that recreation center in Norfolk near Ward’s Corner to work out together…meaning we lived in Archer’s Green apartments and I was waiting tables still..yes, that was almost SIX YEARS ago!!! It’s unreal to think we haven’t gone to exercise in that long.

It’s also crazy how you can be dedicated to something to better yourself and just let it literally drop off the face of the planet and continue to make excuses for why it’s not important anymore! I felt a level of frustration and “I guess I don’t like the gym anymore really” when I had no child care and no option to go there anymore..but I never had a moment where I said, I don’t like how I feel when I exercise anymore. Exercise isn’t fun. I ALWAYS loved that feeling!!! When I was in early college, I loved it too much. I exercised (and didn’t eat) my way down to close to 90 lbs at my lowest weight. And I was never, ever, ever happy. I got rid of my scale and started fresh again when I met Mike and we had the best time together working out and becoming healthy and strong!

I miss the feeling of “getting up and doing something” and I mean besides laundry,  cooking, dishes or housework. I am a very active mama for not working out, and I love swimming the sea and getting so much exercise in that way but I can’t just jump in the ocean daily (well, we actually do…but when it’s just me with the kids I can’t stay HEY stay right there on the shore girls mama needs to take a dip, lol!) — I wanted to do something for me even for an hour three times a week and this was just the most clear idea to came to mind! I LOVE that there is an option to have your kids play and be entertained and that 100% sold us, there was no other option but this one for us…we are SO excited to be members of the Outer Banks YMCA in Nags Head! 🙂

I started out small (because I’m pregnant and won’t be able to go into anything vigorous until after the new year) the other day, 20 minutes on the treadmill only walking quickly. It was seriously amazing. That time to myself, that time watching a little Kardashians on my own treadmill tv hahaha..I loved every second of it!!

So my workout lady friends– this is where I need your help! I already got great shoes I LOVE today, but I am in desperate need of good shorts, bras and tops that will be baby-belly friendly! I picked up a couple great ones from Target the other day too while we were in town, I LOVE the bright bright bright color option! Any accessory that you love for working out, please feel free to comment below or in the comment area on Facebook or Instagram where this will be shared! I’d also love to hear of a place online I can order a pretty yoga mat, yes, I am a girly girl with THREE daughters so happy colors are kind of a necessity! 🙂 But, I do still wear black and gray occasionally so I’m not ruling out all companies if they don’t have bright colors hahahah!! 🙂 Thank you for the help!!!

Side note: I spent a LOT of years suffering from horrible self esteem when it came to my body and shape! I never was skinny enough, even around 90 lbs. I was never tall enough and the growing wasn’t happening. After meeting Mike and falling in love, I finally learned to turn it all this journey I am on is not one of weight loss, it’s of STRENGTH. I want to feel more fit, less out of breath and more energized…and that time just to me in the gym will be so valuable to a mama who spends her every waking moment taking care of others! Thank you for the support yesterday on Instagram, that meant the WORLD to me!!!! 🙂

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  1. Jessica says:

    Amanda, I think you look fantastic!! I think pregnant women are absolutely beautiful:) When I saw the pic of you in this black bikini I thought you looked so darn cute!!

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