Jaclyn + Daniel | Corolla Wedding

This sweet pair…you KNOW it’s going to be good when the groom has the most endearing tears in his eyes as his almost-wife is heading down the aisle! WHEW! We were losing it, Mike and I kept looking at each other saying “yay! He’s crying!” LOL! Because we love that. We know you don’t need to cry to show your excitement (Mike didn’t but I know he loves me a LOT, haha!) but it just speaks so beautifully to how full Daniel’s heart was when Jackie was walking toward him.

The families, the friends, the couple…all golden. This day was up in the air weather wise but all we got was perfect cloud cover and perfect golden light. THOSE DAYS….THEY ARE SO GOOD! They’re good because you prepare for the worst and you get a treat…something these photographers always appreciate it cooperative weather! 🙂 Daniel and Jackie…you are wonderful humans and we are so very honored to have done this with you. THANK YOU for having us!!!! 🙂



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