Jeannie + John | Virginia Beach Engagements

Jeannie and John together are……..amazing. They are a BEAUTIFUL reflection of what love looks like, the kind that gives OTHER people goosebumps and butterflies! If I had seen them out together and hadn’t known anything about them, I would know for sure that they are so meant to be and so in love with one another on a beautifully deep level. This was completely reflected in their session time with me.

We got to the oceanfront and it was WINDY, like REALLY windy..and thankfully they both have awesome personalities and were not bothered at all! What a blessing! To have a couple that doesn’t get frustrated and goes with the flow is something I am getting more and more of over the years and I am so grateful. That means I’m booking people who have great attitudes and wonderful relationships, they are happy no matter what. And their hair? TOTALLY rocking in the wind because they both have the best hair!

Enjoy these two celebrating their love as they prepare to get married next May!!! πŸ™‚

We embraced a potenial seagull attack, LOVE the result πŸ™‚

virginia-beach-engagement-photo-1 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-2

It’s amazing to me that I had no idea how much sea spray was on my lens during these images, and look at the natural haze we got! Such a beautiful reflect of the texture and environment around us while shooting while we had this crazy wind, clouds and right before the sun popped out!
virginia-beach-engagement-photo-3 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-4 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-5 Kind of scary shooting with these clouds but I knew they were moving away soon πŸ™‚ virginia-beach-engagement-photo-6 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-7 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-8 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-9 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-10 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-11
LOVE her beautiful ring!!virginia-beach-engagement-photo-12 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-13 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-14 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-15 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-16 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-17 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-18 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-19 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-20 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-21 This is one of locations that if you saw it just passing by, you’d NEVER think it’d be good for pictures, but we rocked it πŸ™‚virginia-beach-engagement-photo-22 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-23 I have a BIG love for colored walls! Like obsessed! virginia-beach-engagement-photo-24 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-25 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-26 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-27 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-28 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-29 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-30 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-31 virginia-beach-engagement-photo-32

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  1. lvball07p says:

    Hi Amanda! Do you ever travel for weddings? I am getting married next summer in Michigan but all my favorite photographers don’t live in Michigan and I am having no luck finding the right fit for me and my guy! I am also a photographer so I’m sure that is why I am being so picky!


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  2. What a lovely natural light session!

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