Jenna + Andrew | Manteo Waterfront Engagements

I am SO over-the-moon thrilled to be a part of this sweet and beautiful couple’s wedding day next year!!! Jenna the second I saw you I KNEW you would be a stunner for my camera and then Andrew walks around the corner and I think yep — tall and handsome, this couple has it totally in the bag! What a BREEZE it was to shoot with you guys during an especially calm and golden Manteo, North Carolina evening at the waterfront area near the docks and lighthouse!

We walked around talking about how incredible the Outer Banks is going to be as a setting for their wedding and I just got so excited envisioning how wonderfully Andrew is going to light up when this gorgeous, smart and kind woman walks down the aisle toward him next year. They have clearly found home in one another’s arms and I LOVE the way Jenna fits so perfectly on Andrew’s lap, especially in the cozy images on the dock!!! Thank you two SO very much for letting us be a part of your day!!!! :):) Can’t wait to see you again and work with Southern Hospitality OBX as an amazing coordinator!! 🙂

jenna-andrew-engaged-2 jenna-andrew-engaged-8 jenna-andrew-engaged-11 jenna-andrew-engaged-17 jenna-andrew-engaged-20 jenna-andrew-engaged-23 jenna-andrew-engaged-26 jenna-andrew-engaged-38 jenna-andrew-engaged-41 jenna-andrew-engaged-44 jenna-andrew-engaged-45 jenna-andrew-engaged-48 jenna-andrew-engaged-51 jenna-andrew-engaged-52 jenna-andrew-engaged-54 jenna-andrew-engaged-60 jenna-andrew-engaged-63 jenna-andrew-engaged-67 jenna-andrew-engaged-73 jenna-andrew-engaged-85 jenna-andrew-engaged-87 jenna-andrew-engaged-93 jenna-andrew-engaged-98 jenna-andrew-engaged-101 jenna-andrew-engaged-106 jenna-andrew-engaged-115 jenna-andrew-engaged-121 jenna-andrew-engaged-124 jenna-andrew-engaged-126 jenna-andrew-engaged-129 jenna-andrew-engaged-137 jenna-andrew-engaged-146 jenna-andrew-engaged-149 jenna-andrew-engaged-151 jenna-andrew-engaged-156 jenna-andrew-engaged-157 jenna-andrew-engaged-159 jenna-andrew-engaged-163

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