Jessica + Gary | Colonial Williamsburg Holiday Engagements

There are so many different couples I’ve worked with that have such different personalities, dynamics, it’s amazing really the people I get to work with and experience because I’m let in on this very intimate part of their lives and I am SO honored for it! When I first met Jessica, I knew I loved her..and her and her mama were so gracious while I sat there nauseous, pregnant and trying to hang as best I could while fighting that first trimester with Ellie!! To show you how much we have grown together already and how sweet THEY are– her and her mama recently put together a Disney Trip bag of goodies for our little girls before we went a couple weeks ago and TOTALLY made our day!!! How thoughtful is that?! They are such good people!

Gary and Jessica are one of these very very unique couples I work with.. and there is something so undeniable about them needing to be together that you feel like thereΒ MUSTΒ be a magnet connecting these two at all times.Β A lot of couples are friends, too — most of mine actually, but their friendship is something else. It’s on such an endearing and genuine level you can’t help but be happy around them. I just ADORE you two and am so honored to be the one who gets to capture your wedding day next Spring you two!!!! πŸ™‚ ENJOY! πŸ™‚

Is this someone’s yard? We don’t really know..but we HAD to have this tree! Sunshiny bright happy yellow!!

2014-11-19_0021Β williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-4 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-5 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-6

This one is SO THEM πŸ™‚williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-7 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-8 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-9
This little red tree officially just gave me the prettiest bokeh of ALL time! One of my favorite ring shots to date!!williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-11 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-132014-11-19_0022williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-15 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-16

Their little family! We love Daisy!!!! πŸ™‚williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-17 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-18 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-19 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-20 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-21 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-22 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-23 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-24 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-25 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-26 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-27 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-28 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-29
williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-30 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-31 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-32
This one I officially am deeming the Jessica + Gary pose forever! I think I may have to do that with all my couples..take something they completely made their own and name them after them accordingly! πŸ™‚williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-33 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-34 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-35 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-36

I was trying to figure out why this next set is beyond’s DEFINITELY how beautiful these two are together and the foliage but their outfits were SO seasonally appropriate that it looks like it’s from a magazine! It fit like a glove!! πŸ™‚williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-37 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-38 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-39 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-40
More RED! πŸ™‚

williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-41Β Β williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-43
Jessica you are beautiful through and through– who looks this good in 40 degree weather!? I sure didn’t LOL! πŸ™‚williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-44
And the rest of these were taken when the sun was gone..I MEAN GONE! Like ISO to the heavens! We made it work though and got a couple beyond when I thought we would be able to, pushed it until the dark and even found a giant tree!!! πŸ™‚ YAY Williamsburg!!

2014-11-19_0023 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-48 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-49 williamburg-holiday-engagement-photo-50

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    love love love! so fun and cozy!

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