Jessica + Matt | Newport News Engagements

Oh what a TREAT I got…you wanna see the sweet little special guest who snuck into this engagement session?! You’re gonna love it when you get to scrolling down! But first..let me tell you about how much these other two (you know, the ones engaged and that this post is all about:)) brightened my day and had me enjoying this sunny Newport News day SO much!

Jessica, I love seeing you smile because everyone that knows you knows you have *the* best smile and laugh, and it makes me just want to squeeze Matt and tell him how much I adore him. Matt, I love that you bring out this joy in Jessica because we ALL get to enjoy it…she’s such good company! The two of you together are just so easy and it makes me love working with you more than you know 🙂 And you know what? I am not mad about a good Parker photobomb in the beginning of this session haha! What a good big boy hanging out with me the whole time!! 🙂 It may have been windy and chilly but you made the sunshine look so good and I’m so thankful we got to do these just right down from where you live. I will never forget this day with the three of you and can not WAIT until this November wedding on the Outer Banks!!!!! 🙂 🙂

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