Jessie + Ryan | Cape Charles Eastern Shore Engagements

There’s something to be said about a couple that you can look at images of and instantly feel happy..and Ryan and Jessie are such a pair! Let me tell you how worth it it was driving 5 hours on this day from NC to the Eastern Shore for these! I am floored at how many little gems are all over the shore and next July we’ll be back celebrating their wedding day at AQUA! I can’t wait!

The little building with the mint, the rocks, her bathing suit and coverup, her dainty dress, his perfectly studly pastels and sweet demeanor..sooo much yes during this session..but my favorite part of all, how Ryan loves Jessie and they radiate the most adorable vibe I could EVER hope for in a couple! She fits so perfectly inside of his hug and he holds her like he’s always known his job is to protect her…and then the next second they’re making fun of each other. That to LOVE 🙂

We kind of have something else in common..a baby girl named Ellie..except theirs is fairly larger and hairier than mine HAHA! She’s the sweet’s chocolate eyed black lab ever and she was trying to hold back her excitement to chase deer during this session..she was SUCH a good girl! I just can’t believe I am working with yet another couple that is SUCH a perfect fit for a business that strives to represent fun, free spirited and HAPPY couples! I love you two!!!! See you for the big day in less than a year!!! 🙂

Makeup by Leah of Blush Tones
Venue pictured near water AQUA 

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  1. WOW!! Love the images from this engagement session. Beautifully done.

  2. Erica says:

    I love these pics! You are awesome

  3. Sandy says:

    You did an awesome job capturing their love! They are all wonderful pictures!

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