Josie + David | Sandbridge Virginia Beach Engagements

The day before was very cold and sunny– and this day? Cloudy and the temperature was actually okay! For a minute.

It got cold QUICKLY but we couldn’t resist getting some shots on the beach. So, we’re moseying around..using the structures, walking down the beach– and they said they saw dolphins..and I got SO excited! Now, I NEVER shoot with my 85mm 1.2–I’m scared of it! I’m not used to it yet so I never know what to expect but I know how to operate it, obviously, so I gave it a shot. THANK GOODNESS! I had it on just in time to spot a little dorsal fin action and it was AWESOME! So many people never get to see dolphins and there were TONS right there for us! 🙂

Josie & David were beyond natural with this..because they are in looooooove– like snuggly, make everyone jealous at your connection and closeness love. They have the coolest style (I know, using the word COOL probably isn’t COOL but guess what– I’m an old school nerd and proud!) and I love their natural body language with one another. I am so grateful that I got to spend this time with them and to be there for them on their wedding day this summer!

PLEASE enjoy the whole thing- dolphins, Toms..oh and a little champagne poppin’ at the end. TOLD you they were cool 🙂


Love their laughter:)SB9A8405 SB9A8407 SB9A8419

Oh I love this.SB9A8440 SB9A8457

A pair of lovebirds and a pair of dolphins, PERFECT!SB9A8489 SB9A8493 SB9A8503 SB9A8510

Oh you FLIRTS! SB9A8519 SB9A8523 SB9A8543 SB9A85462013-01-07_002

Sooooooo– this RING is pretty amazing!!!!!SB9A8614

SB9A8552 SB9A8559 SB9A8573 SB9A8586 SB9A8591 SB9A8608 SB9A8646 SB9A8659 SB9A8688 SB9A8690 SB9A8696 SB9A8699

Too sweet, a favorite of mine <3SB9A8706 SB9A8708 SB9A8713 SB9A8717 SB9A8731 SB9A8743 SB9A8753 SB9A8764 SB9A8771 SB9A8780 SB9A8791 SB9A8792

Catching the END of golden hour, and loving it!!!!!SB9A8813 SB9A8823

Josie is sooo beautiful and natural and I want her hair, style..pretty much all of it! Get it girlfriend!SB9A8860 SB9A8862

2013-01-07_003 SB9A8669 SB9A8882 SB9A8884 SB9A8887

It’s about to go down 🙂 Enjoy the champagne shots!SB9A8910 SB9A8929 SB9A8935

2013-01-07_001 SB9A8946

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  1. I especially love the one of them in the tall grass (peaking through). Great work, as always!

    1. thank you my sugar pie! 🙂

  2. Beautiful!! You rocked it OUT with that 85 and those dolphin shots! Love them!!

    1. aww yay thank you my lovey!!! :):):)

  3. Perfectly wonderful!! Admit it, you hired those dolphins!! ;c)

    1. hey dont you tell my secret! HAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. maria says:

    You did an awesome job taking pictures of my beautiful daughter and fiance David! Just love them!

    1. Maria– I LOVED reading this comment thank you SO Much! They were so easy to work with! I can’t wait to finally meet you– your daughter is beautiful inside and out! 🙂

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