Katherine + Brian | Virginia Beach Engagements

There are some days I’d love to just throw in the towel on Hampton Roads traffic and admit– okay, if anywhere needs to be traveled to and a bridge or tunnel is involved…you need to apparently leave 3-4 hours earlier than you need to get there. First the downtown tunnel closed last weekend, now my poor clients driving from Richmond taking 3-4 hours just to get here! Left and right, they were in jams..and I can TOTALLY sympathize because it happens to me all the time! Or? You leave SUPER early and there is no traffic and you end up sitting at your destination way early.

So basically we had planned to start shooting around 5:45 but because everyone needs to slow down to one mile an hour to get into the tunnel, they were trapped in the hot mess. Arriving almost an hour later than we planned to shoot (TOTALLY not their fault, they left SO early from Richmond– way earlier than I would have left!!!) we had about 40 minutes of light. To a photographer this seems scary, and it can be! BUT– we even had to locations to get to, so I had to make this work SO fast! Earlier that day because of the ECSC surfing competition they have at the oceanfront I suggested starting at the oceanfront in the 80’s and then finishing at the bay on Shore Drive because I knew it’d be a quick drive AND we’d have the light setting on the bay which completely and utterly was a brilliant idea that ended up saving us!!! Big thumbs up to me and ECSC changing our plans!!!! 🙂

Katherine and Brian rocked a casual beach look and even brought an adorably sweet and romantic beach set up with some of their wedding colors and they were SUCH good sports working with me so fast! I can’t tell you how much we got out of SUCH little time together because they are total naturals, I adore them!!!! 🙂 And…they got in the water at the bay so I am eternally grateful 🙂 I think that pink & orange sunset was their reward for putting up with good ol Tidewater traffic! Enjoy their love story! 🙂

So much of this (at the bay) was shot after the sun was GONE. You can see how low it was on the water in the silhouette – so I know it’s lame I always thank my camera but I LOVE you Mark III! You are so my man! All session done with 85mm at 2.0 and below and Mark III (except ring shot!) 🙂

pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-1 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-2 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-3 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-4 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-5 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-62013-08-26_0002 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-8  pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-11 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-12 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-13 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-14 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-15 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-16 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-17 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-18 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-19 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-20 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-21 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-22 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-23 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-24 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-25 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-26 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-27 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-28 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-29 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-30 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-31 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-32 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-33 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-34 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-35 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-36 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-37 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-38 pink-blue-beach-engagement-photo-39

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  1. Jessica B says:

    Oh Amanda those turned out really good even with the issues you guys had! And the future bride is super cute!!!

  2. Annamarie says:

    Ahhhh Amanda! You are so talented! I love this one!!

  3. Fantastic… You can clearly see the love that these two have for each other.

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