Katie + Trey | Alexandria Engagements

One of my favorite things that couples do is make their wedding all about having a TEAM dynamic. Katie and Trey have a wedding email address that is completely adorable and combines their names, but the first word of it is team…and it’s made me literally start calling them this name in my mind ALL the time! I see them as this force now and I think it’s such a beautiful thing 🙂 They are so undeniably charming and they are so, so good together! When it comes to the final images, I love a mix of serious (well, let’s be real, I only really like my posing like 2% serious and the rest happy and fun, that’s just my brand and my style!) and playful and they totally nailed it. Just wait until you see Katie’s laugh, it makes you want to hug her! And Trey has his hands full of so much free-spirited love with this girl and you can tell it makes his heart so full.

Alexandria is such a versatile location and Katie and Trey rocked a little more of a dressed up look at first and then took it casual and both looks suited them oh so well. You two…when you’re getting married, there is going to be one happy set of photographers there…we are SO thankful to have you and know you! Thank you for adorably scrunching your nose when you’re near Trey, Katie…and Trey thank you for loving this sweet girl the way you do. I am so fortunate to have you guys this year!!!! 🙂

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