Kegan + Mason | Virginia Beach Engagements

Seriously, look at them…she’s deploying in less than two weeks and they are THIS joyful. It’s such a lesson in life and love. I wanted to go home and jump on my husband and be so grateful that we have each other all year round after hearing about the time these two have to spent apart to serve our country. I am so proud of them and honored that of all of the photographers Kegan has worked with, she chose me. I love her, adore her, admire her and appreciate that she wants me there on their wedding day! SO HONORED!

Now, Kegan is a BIG TIME natural model, something I will NEVER be able to pull of in my own portraits, I’m so silly in front of the camera but she totally works it– and even BETTER, Mason is bringing out the even BIGGER and better laughs and smiles!!!!!!!!! This is how I knew she had found the ONE. He and I gushed over her gorgeous blue eyes and I hit on him a little right along side her, HAHAHA, he is SO handsome! This pair has nothing but good times ahead. Kegan- thank you for serving our country, we will all be thinking about you while you are gone and can not WAIT until you get home safely and then TIE THE KNOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)

Also– check out her ADORABLE boot socks from Grace & Lace!!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Enjoy their love story 🙂



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  1. Holy goodness! These are remarkable. I gasped out loud at the first ring shot! You can feel their love in the images. Job well done!

  2. Kegan & Mason says:

    O my goodness! Amanda, we love each & everyone of them!! Thank you so much!! I’ll be starring at these everyday while I’m away!!! 🙂 Thanks again for everything! Can’t wait for our big day & having you there by our side to capture it all!!!

  3. Great job, Amanda! Love you shooting wide open, it really suits you! Fantastic!!

  4. ashley link says:

    LOVE all of those ring shots! and of course all that sunflare! 🙂

  5. Amanda, this is a beautiful session. So natural. You never cease to amaze us. <3

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