Kellie + Matt | Kill Devil Hills Maternity

It was such an honor to shoot their engagements and wedding day…but now I am getting another HUGE honor documenting this baby bump with little boy Grayson on the way and I can NOT be happier for these two loving human beings!! Kellie is a doll, she’s funny, she’s got a really good sense of humor and she’s sweet. I love Kellie and I feel like she’s a long lost friend I feel completely myself around whenever I see her again and we pick up where we left off. Matt is a good man — just wait, just WAIT and see how he smiles when he’s hugging on his beautiful wife! It will make you SO happy!!

Grayson — you’re a lucky boy!!! You have two parents that are going to teach you so well. You will know what love looks like in the form of being taken care of so well AND by seeing how well your parents love each other! I can’t wait to see this little boy and I am so so happy for you two! Thank you for making a grey and blue day on the Outer Banks look WAY gorgeous!!!! 🙂

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