Kellie | Virginia Beach Senior Photographer

Kellie is adorable! She’s got the total beach girl look, too- the blonde hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile. We had so much fun even though my daughter tried to photo bomb the beginning of the shoot (see last image) and totally take over the camera’s attention, but I had her daddy come and meet us to pick her up so she wouldn’t distract me, haha!

The colorful doors I love shooting with so much were a much welcomed request by Kellie and they TOTALLY fit her fun personality! A girl after my own heart, she had four outfit changes. I welcome this! If you can fit it in for the shoot, please do it!

I don’t particularly specialize in the seniors the way some local photographers do, but my style is definitely a far cry from the boring studio seniors I had (TEN YEARS AGO, laugh, laugh away!) … and that doesn’t mean studio work is boring all the time but, the kind I had was :/ Portraits are different nowadays and I’m grateful for that. I can NOT imagine plopping my beautiful Camryn down at Olan Mills, Sears, etc and having her pictures done. That is not her in her natural element! I’m glad seniors have come so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

Enjoy Kellie’s prettiness! ๐Ÿ™‚


Cammy trying to ruin the shoot:

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