Kirsten + Matt | Wanchese + Pea Island Engagements

I’ve been talking a lot about the weather lately, and I think most of us here in the NC/VA area can agree on one thing. May is VERY confused. Like not the normal “it’s a little cold” here and there confused, but like freezing, then burning up, then stealing April’s showers left and right because this was ANOTHER one of those sessions where we had to watch a big dark cloud follow us around! If I remember correctly, there was ONE drop of rain the whole time, and the rest? That perfect cloud cover I needed, especially for the pretty mural on the wall in Wanchese!

Kirsten and Matt reminded me that they have no had professional pictures taken before. Could have fooled me, because wait until you see Kirsten’s model face! ON POINT!!! 🙂 You want to know the coolest thing about these two working with me!? I think it was almost four years ago I took their picture at a reception (Louise and Chris WE LOVE YOU!) as guests and now they’re MY couple!!! AHH! Best best way to book, ever! Kirsten and Matt, I know you know, but I truly love and appreciate you individually for the amazing, honest and kind people you are and also for the couple that you are. I am such a lucky girl to be the one there on your day! THANK YOU for this time in Wanchese and Pea Island! 🙂 XOXO

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  1. Louise B says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm I think you need to do something with their picture from my wedding with the upcoming pictures from theirs 😉 Of course they’ll both be incredibly stunning on their wedding day, but I just LOVE LOVE LOVE that I was able to hook you all up to work together. Amanda’s going to make your wedding day even more amazing than it already will be, Kirsten and Matt 🙂 LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!

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