Kirstyn + Andy | Outer Banks Anniversary

This idea of theirs was just brilliant to me!! Put your wedding attire BACK on, exactly one year to the day (it worked out perfectly that way!!) and make it a sweet, playful and romantic session ending with the best and sometimes most unsure part of an anniversary..the eating of the cake you’ve had in the freezer for 365 days! It was just SO much fun from start to finish and if you know these two, you know there is no chance for it to be anything but entertaining and sweet all in one. Andy and Kirstyn are so  close and they have an unbreakable bond most can only dream of. I LOVE everything about them! Kirstyn is also a photographer and soaring because she loves what she does and she loves her clients. A girl so much after my own heart, seeing her flourish has made me beyond happy for her!!!!! 🙂

So, maybe I did take them to a BBQ joint, maybe I did pull up to Michael Myers house and almost made them shoot there..sandspurs, a huge storm cloud rolling in and too much cake eating later..we did it! HAHA! I LOVE you guys! Also– please can we talk about the Palette of Petals art in the form of bouquet and hair piece?! AMAZING! They never cease to perfect it!!! 🙂 Enjoy their anniversary session!! 🙂

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  1. Joanna Deal (Andy's mom) says:

    Amanda — your photos are always so beautiful, thoughtful and “on target”, especially with these crazy two. As his mother, I am always pleased to see photos of him when he is not making faces (a rare event). You have given us all beautiful memories to last a lifetime. Thank you.

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