Kirstyn + Andrew | Virginia Beach Engagements

This blog post could very, very possibly turn into a 100 page novel QUICK if I don’t discipline myself to keep it short and sweet– and get onto the good stuff, the images!!!

When I decided to make a promotional video, there were TWO main reasons behind it. The first was that I wanted people to realize that in hiring me, they wouldn’t get the uppity, stiff and boring prom pose photographer of the 90’s. We’re gonna have fun, you’re going to be yourself and you are definitely allowed to laugh πŸ™‚ The second reason was because I wanted to make sure that the kind of fun loving spirits out there who wanted these kind of playful and realistic images found me! I always luck out with the best couples and Kirstyn and I met the day before the promo video launched..and I was thinking the whole time— has she secretly already seen it?! Because we are a PERFECT MATCH!

These two are wildly in love, flirtatious, tease one another left and right, and they live life to the ABSOLUTE fullest!!!!!!! Now, Andy is our typical guy– not jumping up and down excited to take pictures but guess what?! Oh— he ROCKED it!!!!!! I KNEW he would, too! The minute I said he was allowed to grab her heiney, it was game on.

Yep! This is how I roll! πŸ™‚ Enjoy their beautiful bayside engagements :):):)

Β SB9A7835 SB9A7826 2013-01-06_001

SB9A7885 SB9A7887 SB9A7890 SB9A7891

Love their hands held behind her back πŸ™‚ When couples fall into their own pose after the little direction I give them, I adore it!


Sunflare, of course πŸ™‚

SB9A7914 SB9A7915 SB9A7926 2013-01-06_002



The light in these next couple!? AHHHMAZING! Why I am addicted to sunshine!

SB9A7992 SB9A7993

Probably my favorite with the sweetness–the GLOW!!!!- the colors, this is definitely everything I love in my style! Look at them πŸ™‚

SB9A8005 SB9A8016 SB9A8022

Okay, so I told them to put their heads together– and literally, they did..and it hurt, and I felt bad but the picture was SO CUTE πŸ™‚

SB9A8036 SB9A8040 SB9A8048
She has a VERY confident stance and I want it!!!

SB9A8051 SB9A8070 SB9A8092 SB9A8093
Workin it!

SB9A8114 SB9A8118 SB9A8140
THIS IS SO THEM!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

SB9A8151 2013-01-06_003

SB9A8182 SB9A8186 SB9A8193 SB9A8213 SB9A8222 2013-01-06_004

SB9A8246 SB9A8247 SB9A8251 SB9A8254 SB9A8295

See the pink sunset on the water? LOVE!SB9A8296 SB9A8315 SB9A8327 SB9A8336 2013-01-06_006


We got the prettiest, softest warm glow from the sunset and I was soooo glad! Wonderful image to end on πŸ™‚


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  1. Kirstyn says:

    I love them all!! I think I flashed the boaters in one of the rock poses lolololol! You are truly gifted!!!! Can’t wait til the wedding!!!!

  2. She is a cutie patootie!! LOVE her vibrant outfits! πŸ™‚

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