Kirstyn | Classic Bridals at Signature at West Neck

This girl– the green eyes, the blonde hair, the prissy mixed with punk rock attitude…she’s one beautiful ball of sass I am totally head over heels for. She knows it too, I adore her and we have been having the best time corresponding and getting together and talking on the phone since she booked with me last year. There’s always a part of me that’s SO excited for the wedding day, but a little down when the date passes..I don’t get to talk to these girls I adore as much anymore! I still talk to the majority of my gals after the wedding thankfully and Kirstyn has no choice, she is sooo stuck with me 🙂

First of all, a big big big thank you to Misty at Maya Couture, Hannah Hildebrandt of Hannah Hildebrandt Events and Staci Jelly of the Signature at West Neck for accommodating Kirstyn and Andy’s wedding due to the butthead venue (Kirstyn will like that I wrote that) that cancelled on them a month before their date. The Signature is BEAUTIFULLY classy, picturesque and full of amazing spots for Kirstyn rocked this entire session at sunset in August. I love her hair and makeup from Behind The Veil, too! Dress provided by Ava Clara. Enjoy her images! Wedding post coming tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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