Kristi, Matt + Isla | Richmond Maternity

When Kristi first contacted me I was SOOO excited because I’d seen that name before and knew exactly who she was! As everyone knows, I adore me some Katelyn James, my wedding photog, friend & mentor– and I’d seen images of Kristi + Matt from a coaching session with Katelyn! That led me to their business page and then Kristi & I talked and became friends on Facebook. When she told me she was expecting her second little girl I was SO happy for them! And then, when she asked me to shoot their maternity session? I was even MORE excited– and add in flattered, too!

They just are the sweetest family you can imagine. It was kind of crazy watching Isla’s behaviors and cute quirks alongside Kristi & Matt because our daughter Camryn is VERY similar and so is their family dynamic, so this shoot? A BREEZE! I totally understand what we needed to do and how to convince Isla to take all the right pictures! I am SOOOOO happy for y’all and can’t thank you enough for working with me!!! :):)

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