Kristina + Mike | Kitty Hawk Couples Session

I love shooting these sessions for so many reasons…but one is because I know that this may be the only time that day or week or even month if they’re crazy busy that they’ve been able to slow down and celebrate their relationship and their love! Sometimes you’re so caught up in the every day hustle of work and life that you don’t get to see each other often enough and whether that is or isn’t the case with every single couple, I know that some of them really appreciate this overly flirtatious period of time where I get to make them show me how much they adore each other hahaha!

Kristina was an amazing emailer from the very beginning…she made every exchange so pleasant and I KNEW she would be awesome to work with! I loved her bright blonde sunshiny personality, I loved the way Mike pulled her close. I love the way they laughed at the waves coming up on them and I love the way the light glowed so gorgeously like they deserve! You guys made me really happy and it was just an overall special day to work with two people so kind and so good to me and to one another, THANKS Y’ALL for such a great session!!!! :):)

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