Krystal, Alex + Charlotte| Kill Devil Hills Family Session

What makes my job fun is connecting with people and watching/documenting a part of their story, usually the wedding day, and then staying in touch and connected with them through social media after the event…and in some cases, I’m lucky enough to be a part of MORE of their life events and memories! Krystal has this way with words and this loving giving soul that has always moved me and been there for me when I needed it through the years and I’m so fortunate to have met someone so amazing when I shot her and Alex’s Williamsburg wedding YEARS ago! Charlotte was so tiny then and now they have a BIG announcement to share! They’re adding another pumpkin to their patch AND the adorable thing is that they told her AT the session!!! ENJOY these adorable real life family images in golden light and LOTS of fun squeezes 🙂

comiskey-family-6 comiskey-family-8 comiskey-family-13 comiskey-family-18 comiskey-family-23 comiskey-family-28 comiskey-family-33 comiskey-family-38 comiskey-family-42 comiskey-family-50 comiskey-family-55 comiskey-family-57 comiskey-family-60 comiskey-family-64 comiskey-family-72 comiskey-family-78 comiskey-family-86 comiskey-family-94 2015-10-19_0003 comiskey-family-107 comiskey-family-111 comiskey-family-120 comiskey-family-123 comiskey-family-126 comiskey-family-130 2015-10-19_0004 comiskey-family-137 comiskey-family-152 comiskey-family-158 comiskey-family-166 comiskey-family-172

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