Lauren + Ryan | Alexandria Engagements

Lauren and Ryan, where do you want to shoot while we’re here in Alexandria? Do you have anything in mind? Nope, we’re pretty laid back…we can do whatever! Okay, I love you already, haha! I love how my couples are incredibly diverse…some are like okay here’s the plan and here are twenty ideas I have…and then the next is like I’m cool with whatever, I’ll jump in the water, I’ll climb up that three, and can be so go with the flow! Lauren is beautiful and I LOVED seeing her pull up on her toes to reach Ryan in some shots because it reminded me of the height difference with my husband and I…it’s not easy but it sure looks CUTE! 🙂

Ryan and Lauren are becoming Mr and Mrs French next year and how ADORABLE are those shirts at the end of the shoot! I loved them and I am so happy I said, “can you jump on his back for a ride real quickly?!” and they were willing to do it, I am always thankful for a playful couple! We also got to have the puppies in the shoot and they modeled in the beginning oh so well..wait until you see how way cute they were! They definitely think they are actual babies and it was hilarious listening to them cry a little whenever their mama and daddy stepped away..even for like ten seconds! 🙂 You guys…I am so honored, I love your love and being a part of this new huge life chapter next year! 🙂

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