Life Changing Elle Marie is ONE | Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Elle, I could write until the sun goes down and still not even really have gotten started. BABY GIRL– WHAT ARE YOU MADE OF? Who is THIS perfect???’ll read this one day. We love you honey we do, but you are one ball of sass that gave us a run for our money. We totally thought you were easy, we did..but it turns out you weren’t honey hahahaha not one BIT compared to your sister! Your sister who has taken a beaten from you but also received so much love and knowledge from you. Oh Ellie…how have you put up with us? You get knocked down, you’ve fallen off the couch at least 6 the bed TWICE, we have really made some mistakes when it came to the second child and not being COMPLETELY there and careful and we felt awful but you never once punished us for this. In fact, you just kept growing in love for us. How is this possible?


Because we believe you are made up of something otherworldly. You are an angel right here on earth. You changed our lives..your sister is in love with you, I’m in love with you and Daddy’s been smitten since the second he saw those perfect brown eyes. You teach us patience and you make us laugh when you lay on the ground doing the “Ellie Belly!” where you just laugh and rub your big chunky beautiful stomach. We all stand over you and chant, “Ellay bellay!” and you just laugh and entertain us. You put your chunky biscuits in the sand and love every second of it. The back of your knees even have fat…that’s how HEALTHY you are hahah! You walked completely on your own at 10 months because you want to keep up with big sister. You sat up early too. You did everything brilliantly and with a little chubby baby stumble and we couldn’t be more proud.


Something may not realize honey buns…but you changed your mama. I was always an in-love-with-the-world kind of girl but I had my demons that kept me from being truly happy. You’ve opened me back up to faith, religion and God. You’ve taught me how to be kinder to people to the extent that I dropped all resentment I had for anyone and just….let it go. Something BIG, powerful, rare, freeing. You gave me life again. You actually made your mother into a better human just by being here. What do I owe you? Let me give you the world. Let me show you how to move mountains even though you’re already on your way. I love walking with your little hand in mine on the beautiful beaches of North Carolina where you will be able to call home and that has a lot to do with YOU just being in our lives…you changed us, and we made our dream of living in the Outer Banks real.


Imagine that. You’re just now 1 and you’re affecting lives of so many people in this world because by making me a better person, I’m able to love deeper, forgive, be more kind and intentional, serve other photographers better and my clients better, too. You gave me courage I didn’t have there before. I LOVE YOU ELLE MARIE. I love you more than any words on a blog or paper. More than any sloppy kiss and more than … well … your beautiful biscuits in the sand 🙂 You are the real deal baby girl and you are changing lives by being on Earth. The world DOES revolve around you but we know your heart will never act like it does. Keep Cammy straight, we all know she’s a little fiery pistol but the two of you together just may be enough to change this world <3

XOXO, the happiest and luckiest mama in the world 🙂


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  1. jkriegphoto says:

    The black and white image of you with the girls sleeping makes my momma heart explode! Your girls are going to cherish that image for all the days of their lives. Golden hearted momma you are! Happy 1st Birthday to Ellie!! xoxo

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