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I gotta tell ya, I don’t really have wanderlust at ALL! I know so many creative friends who are addicted to traveling. They want to see it all! They want to adventure all the time and hop from country to country. I love watching them go and have fun, and I am always so content watching their fun stories and seeing the images from the beautiful places they go. But honestly, I like watching that from my home because that means I’m tucked away…and I’m safe.

Except, I don’t feel unsafe when I adventure like I am in this moment. It’s actually freeing and I need to remember that because I’m SO big on staying safe in my bubble… but this is SO good for me, too. It was a heck of a time to get to the hotel on Monday night but we did it, and yes we only got about 1 1/2 hours of sleep but when we landed on the plane in St. Maarten I thought to myself — WOW! This is just, unreal. Time starts to change. Island time is real and I thought I was on island time on the Outer Banks but gosh when we got here, I was on some SERIOUS island time! No cares. No rush. Quiet, peace. In a word, I would call the island of Anguilla RESTFUL. There are some loud people occasionally (like the ones at the bar downstairs right now, haha!) but it’s worth the trip. This place should be bucket list for anyone who LOVES to travel..and you know what? For those who like to stay in safe bubbles 🙂

I love that the Lord calls on me to go places occasionally that inspire me to remember there is a big beautiful world outside of our Outer Banks sanctuary. It does two things:

It shows me the beauty and diversity of this world and it’s various cultures.
It reminds me although so different, I live in an incredible place and reiterates how happy I am to live on a island of my own.

We have been so thankful this trip. I sat down and worked tonight on culling and editing for hours and have STILL had a blast. We shoot Charles and Kim’s wedding tomorrow and couldn’t be having more fun!!! What a true honor!

Sending love from Anguilla! XOXO


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