Lightroom Edit from BLUE to GOLD | Outer Banks Photographer

One of the BIGGEST CHALLENGES shooting here on the beach is when we have this perfectly great sunny day that should make golden hour shooting a piece of cake… and then… low-lying clouds are sitting right on the horizon. This is tricky if you don’t know to look for it because you may think you have more time to shoot than you actually do, and you’ll lose light far more quickly than you normally would. So when you’re shooting on a day like this and you’re cranking up your white balance to compensate, it can STILL work out… but in this case, I hadn’t touched my Kelvin and paid attention how I should because I was more worried about getting pictures of this adorable, fast-moving toddler while I could! Below is a video from our YouTube channel showcasing exactly how I “save” this blue image and bring it right back to MY STYLE! ENJOY!!!!

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