Linda + Steven | Outer Banks Couples Session

I am so HUMBLED by the fact that these two sweet human beings got in their car and spent over 1600 collective miles for the journey to the Outer Banks from MAINE. YOU READ IT RIGHT!! FROM MAINE!!!!!!

Linda and I began corresponding and I knew she was a doll. She has one of those email personalities that is kind, gentle but has a great spirit about her and I love when I can tell that by email communication! She booked a mentoring session with me a few months ago, and then she threw out the suggestion that maybe they should have a couple’s session done while they were here, too! And yes– I am ALWAYS down for a couple’s session!

We planned for a sunrise session at 6:45 and that particular day in the Outer Banks we saw lightening, torrential downpours and heard LOTS of thunder. It was SO intense! I thought– NO, they did not drive here for THIS! Instead, we mentored first..and in TRUE Outer Banks fashion…just like my wedding day…we watched the clouds part and the BLUEST sky and the brightest sun come out to greet us just in time!

I loved my time with them. This couple inspired me to go home and smooch all over my husband and I LOVE couples like that! They are best friends, they are team mates. They are PARTNERS. Steven and Linda, I can’t thank you enough!!!! 🙂 Enjoy their sweet images! 🙂

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  1. OH MY GOSH. I can’t even believe this is us!!! I LOVE them!! Thank you so so much!!!!!!! xoxo

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