Lisa + John | Nags Head Couples Session

Creative at Heart brought Lisa and I together I just could NOT be more thankful! Wait until you see her perfect smile, the golden glow and the way she is home in John’s arms! I feel thankful when I time after time I pull up, greet my couple and see that they have found a best friendship and love that people can only hope and pray for. John, you are so good to Lisa and totally a photographer’s boyfriend because you listen OH so well hahah! You know how much I loved that!!

So, I thought it was kind of neat that we got to do this in the exact spot Mike and I were married 🙂 Sure I may have strategically shot there because it was our anniversary week and I knew it would be good to them and yep, it was! Nags Head is such a classic Outer Banks location from the dune fencing to the grass to the golden light at the end of the day staying available later in the day. Even though the sun rises over the sea, maybe it’s me and believing in magic but I think it stays higher  a little longer some days just for me shooting when I need it on the East side 🙂

Lisa and John…I ADORE YOU! You rocked this and you made me confidently use my 85mm 1.2 and my little shorty low self doesn’t do so well with that all the time hahaha! 🙂 THANK YOU 🙂



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