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Somedays I can close my eyes and feel like I’m still in that $700/month apartment in Archer’s Green in the heart of Ward’s Corner, Norfolk VA. YES…that place. That little hole we called home for a while. The one where we were calling the non-emergency Norfolk police number frequently enough to where it was always in our “recent calls” list on our cell phones. It was not the safest place, it was definitely not the prettiest place, but damn if we were not two unbelievably happy and in love twenty somethings working hard to start our life together.

Sometimes when I go shopping at Walmart for groceries, I get this nostalgic feeling that reminds me of the Tidewater Drive one we used to visit. When everything was Mainstays (is that correct? LOL) brand, not pretty but functional. Our kitchen knives, our trashcans, our soap dispensers, our washcloths, just all the house things. No matter how much our income has changed or our lifestyle has changed since then…I find a weird comfort in continuing to purchase those “cheaper” brands of household necessities, even when I can afford TJ and Target instead. I have always wondered why  I did this until recently, and the little white lights we picked up last night at Walmart put it all in perspective for me.

Those little white lights. Definitely meant for Christmas decoration, white lights on a white string. We LOVED having Christmas lights year round at our old places and the older I got the more I talked myself into thinking that may be kind of tacky, so we stopped. We saved it for the “appropriate” time of year and then ripped them down, shoved them in a box because you only are allowed to have that twinkle and glow once a year, right?

Gosh..all the rules. All the “supposed to be’s” and “shoulds” when it comes to what a home looks like. Right now, the door under our sink has fallen off and our trashcan is just there..there are stains from leaks in our ceilings, things are outdated and just so unappealing….but we hung up some little white lights last night. The first thing Mike said to me was, “we need more so it goes all the way around our living room like we used to have” and I thought to myself…he gets it, too. We don’t resent living in that hole a long time ago, that was part of our life back then, and those little lights we had up were such a small joy to us and instead of wanting to be completely separated for all of the memories of our harder days, we choose to take some of that with us. It’s part of our STORY.

We love that glow at night watching movies, we love the feeling of remembering two kids in love sitting on the couch dreaming of what our life would be like where we are right now. Could we have imagined three daughters and an Outer Banks address? No..but that’s the magic of it 🙂 We are SO thankful to the Lord that he brought us here to live out a greater purpose that we are just now discovering and starting to dive into.

My sweet roommate from Pursuit and I were talking about how we used to stress so much about what our home looked like before having company and now we just go with the flow and enjoy the company instead of the stress of the aesthetics and what people will “think” of our home. It’s who’s inside it, it’s the spirit of the place, it’s not how many expensive home decorations or how impressive you can make your domain. One day, I want to buy a home and I can surprise a bunch of people today and say YES…it’s FINALLY on my radar!! Haha! If you know me, you know I wanna be a gypsy not tied down to any place..I wanna pick up and scoot out whenever possible. I moved about 10 times in 13 years and that’s just how I am..but wherever we end up, whenever we buy in the next couple years…I hope we always take our little white lights with us.

You are more than your surroundings, your spirit is what make your surroundings beautiful, inviting and comforting. Don’t compare your home to another, just keep pouring your heart and soul into where you are now. Heart is what makes it home 🙂


So in love with my Jenny Highsmith shirt and Legacy Candle Co rose gold necklace from the Pursuit Conference! Wonderful businesses to support! 🙂

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  1. ashley says:

    Oh girl! I feel like a gypsy too! We are for sure spirit animals! <3 Love you girl! I totally feel you on all of this stuff! It's so nice to not feel alone and be content with what we have! 🙂

    1. juleen hudak says:

      I totally get the white lights! We hung some in our bedroom at Christmas time and decided to leave them up. It makes me happy to plug the in at night as we lay in bed watching tv!

  2. Beverly says:

    Amanda, I just love reading your “stuff”. You bring light into my life. Speaking of light, I keep white lights hung around our basement windows year round. When we turn them on, it just looks like a party.

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