Liz + Mark | Virginia Beach Maternity

I was so emotional culling this session, and then editing, and then preparing the blog. I know these two know I adore them but they mean so much to me because as my family and business have grown…so has Liz’s business and their family. We are watching each other become wives, business owners and photographers..and now mothers. Liz and I met in Virginia Beach when we were both just waiting tables at Bubba’s trying to make it through school and life and now we are shooting weddings, having little GIRLS and enjoying life.

If they look familiar to you it’s because I’ve shot their engagement session, wedding and they also were featured in my promo video! Their wedding was the highest viewed blog post of the year, full of emotion (I LOVE a man that will cry at the altar, Mark!!!!!!) and full of beautiful beach sunshine. Liz is a photographer (Elizabeth Henson Photos) and watching her amazing talent grow has been such a joy! Now…they welcome their first baby, a little girl 🙂 Liz is making 30+ weeks look GORGEOUS and I am hoping that this second time around I can look just as beautiful as she does at this point!!!!!!! LOVE YOU TWO! :):)

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  1. Keely Julson says:

    Such beautiful pictures!!!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Amanda these are amazing as always! Oh man is my hubby soooooooo handsome!!!!! I love all the warm sunshine!!!!

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