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I think we’ve all seen some images pop up in our news feed where we think..THAT location is amazing! Where is this gem?! I’ve had SO many people ask where locations were..and I shared all of them EXCEPT private property ones that belong to my clients or their family. When I shot earlier this week in the Outer Banks..I knew I wanted some areas that would be strong backgrounds on their own and then be even MORE amazing with a loving couple in front of them…but I always keep an open mind when it comes to shooting.

When Sachel, Ethan and I arrived at the last spot..my intention was to shoot at the lifeguard stand at Mile Post 4 on the road that I live on in Kitty Hawk. We would end up with pretty and soft light that was very manageable so I could even shoot with the light right on them. What I didn’t realize is that right in the parking lot..next to the bathrooms and showers, a little treasure of a spot had been right there the 20+ times we’ve parked there and walked to the beach! I used my iPhone to take some behind the scene pictures of what the location really looked like and then how WE made it look with the final images!

Don’t be afraid to use a TINY colored part of a building or door, a little spot of flowers, pop of color or texture somewhere! I shot this with a 35 1.4 (except the ring shot..I used a 100 2.8) because I needed a wide angle to be able to move in on them with and shoot in closely BECAUSE…I am very short, and if I used the 50 with the distance from me to the ground, it wouldn’t have worked for me! Thanks Sachel and Ethan for being AWESOME and sitting in this little teeny field for me!! 🙂

Yes..public access and bathrooms people!

photo-2 photo

kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-15 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-14 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-13 kitty-hawk-obx-engagement-wedding-photo-12

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  1. It’s all about trusting the photographer’s vision to create! I’ve definitely brought clients to weird spots but after they see what we can do and what our eye see’s for potential everything is ok! 😀 Beautiful spot!

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