Mallory, Alex + Wheeler | Norfolk Portrait Photographer do I describe this..a session with an immensely talented and gorgeous artist with the prettiest pink hair on the planet..and to boot…I’m OFFICIALLY using my Mark III for this shoot……in the words of the trash tv children’s beauty pageants I’ve been watching..this is the “Ultimate Grand Supreme” Shoot!!!!!! I love all my shoots, don’t get me wrong one little bit..but this was the first shoot with my handsome new boyfriend that my husband is totally okay with…my new Canon 5D Mark III 🙂

I know it is ALSO because I had *prime beautiful late afternoon early evening cloudy light outside* but I didn’t edit 75% of these at all. I have never had more properly focused, SOOC images before ever. Now, I think it’ll be harder for weddings still when things are SO fast paced but this bad boy should help!

OH- and PLEASE be sure to check out lovely Mallory’s artwork <3 She is making Mike’s birthday present for me and stay tuned for a post on it!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love these so much!!!! This is definitely one of my favorite shoots that you have done 🙂

    1. this was such a great opportunity, I reached out to her for a service trade for a piece of art for Mike’s birthday…I LOVED them!!!:)

  2. MeganOBX says:

    This is a gorgeous couple!! The pink hair is my FAV!! Their dog is SO unique looking as well!! Can’t wait to see what she comes up with for your piece of art!! I’ve checked her stuff out, wicked awesome!!!

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