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Never even thought I’d be saying this, haha! The BINDER lady with print outs and branded worksheets of workflows and paper and pen EVERYthing…she’s finally taking the LEAP! After years of being really reliant on my little lists, paper contracts, and printed out everything…a new system is finally going into place! This is a SHOCKER to some of you hahah! But here’s my plan and how I am utilizing this new beautiful world of digital work management software! Hint– I’m not FULLY investing everything into it quite yet!

1. I’m STILL preferring to record my income, expenses and gas mileage via spreadsheet on Excel docs.Β That’s the quickest and easiest way to do that for right now and I don’t even know if that’s an option yet on 17 Hats..I haven’t explored it enough! Still in the trial period! πŸ™‚

2. The main reason I took the leap to trying 17 Hats is because of TWO WORDS– USER FRIENDLY. And then another two words— client convenience!Β  I love that I can have my contracts finally online! I know…I was THE slowest person about this but it seemed so new and scary, but oh my gosh- I’m a shoot and share photographer delivering all digital images to my clients VIA digital download….isn’t it TIME for digital contracts?! They are being finalized this week after we run a couple more test tries to make sure they look perfect! πŸ™‚ ALMOST THERE!

3. An added CALENDAR resource…because right now? I am such a planner girl. And I will STAY a planner girl, I can assure you…but having this online backup of my year’s calendar events is very helpful!


4. I like the ability to send checklists and questionnaires to clients! This is PERFECT for when it comes time to ask them for their family formals list, vendor list and itinerary!! πŸ™‚

5. You can also create Projects for existing clients! Like the needing to send questionnaires, payment requests, etc! SO great and convenient and once you’ve invested the time to upload it all, it’s at the ease of a button click to take care of and that’s what busy mamas and business owners definitely need!

6. My PayPal business account is linked through 17 Hats!! That is SO easy for me and very appreciated! I think I’m linked to Stripe on Pixieset and that’s an option on 17 Hats too but I LOVE that they gave me more than one company to choose from and that PayPal was it, the one I use the most for business!

My goal in the upcoming week is to sit down and incorporate all workflow, docs and current wedding email contacts into the system!Β Like anything I’ve talked about before, this takes SCHEDULING.Β I have to be very intentional and wise about blocking out a portion of time, especially those of you who work another full time job or have children, or just have a heavy workload in general! An uninterrupted couple of hours with my handy little binder full of current docs and 17 Hats and I should be up and running in NO time!

This is just a brief summary on 17 Hats to encourage you if you’re like me and NOT into business management software– to check it out and see if it’s for you! There is a free 15 day trial and it’s worth a shot to see if you can get a little order back to your workflow when it comes to booking and finalizing payments, etc!!


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  1. Logan Stafford says:

    Oh my heavens!! Thank you so much for posting about this!! I am in the midst of getting my nutritional counseling practice up & running, but I was still facing the question of virtual contracts, apps for scheduling & payment, etc. I read your blog post on it & I immediately went to their website & watched their video… THIS IS SO NEAT!! I look forward to learning more & hope it will work for me!! This definitely appears to be a good deal vs the cost of docusign & additional apps that require monthly fees. Thank you thank you! P.S. – I TOTALLY understand the paper & pen routine, I too am a note-taking, highlighting, pen to paper gal myself! πŸ™‚ Please do an updated post after your trial & tell us your overall review on this software, I am very eager!! πŸ™‚

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