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So here finally is part two! I had Ian & Marie fill out some info to really personalize their blog. Read it and then enjoy their wedding day love story in pictures! 🙂

Bride-What I love about Ian is that I know that I can count on him to always be there, how he somehow understands all my weird little quirks, that I feel safe with him around, and lastly I love the joy that he brings to my life through his laughter, positive outlook on life and his bright spirit. I know no matter what happens in our lives, as long as I have him, I can count my blessings.

Groom- It’s Marie what’s not to love? She is sweet and loving, brilliant and always there for not only me and her friends, but even people that she just met. She has a fun loving and adventurous personality and is always up for something new. I have introduced her to all kinds of new things. She had never been on a boat, I took her flying in a little four seat plane and I take her to all kinds of things that she has never experienced and she is always willing and open to the new experience.

How long have you been together:  6 years

Where we met:  Gale Middle School

How you started that first conversation:  Oh dear that is a long time ago, I am not sure either of us really remember the first conversation but it was most likely about band, seeing as that was the class we met in.

Where our first date was:  We consider our first date to the movies where we watched Take the Lead, mainly because it was the first movie that we saw after Marie got her drivers license and we no longer need our parents to take us places.

Favorite Memory:  The awkward hug where Ian tried to hug me while I was leaning up against the lockers and then took off like his pants were on fire before I could really hug him back. The “did” he really just kiss me moment (again by the lockers) lastly the many days where I would try to get him to hold my hand, you know what I mean, leaving your hand free in hopes that he will finally grab it, or casually bumping hand to hand while walking side by side. Lastly our first band trip to NY City; where we got the chance to experience a lot of things together, quality time talking in the hotel lobby about the most random things and just simply having fun in the big city.






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  1. Jasmine says:

    The crazy little boy is mine. You captured him perfectly. Your pictures are great!! Marie is my cousin.


  2. Glenda Breninger says:

    I love these pics! I can’t wait to see them all! You did such a great job and I just love the blog post above! Thank you so much for being a part of their special day!

    1. ohhh thank you SO much! I love your entire family…so much fun and laughter- I think you probably have incredibly entertaining get togethers and vacations!! 🙂

  3. Amanda, Thank you so much. Your pictures are awesome and captured Marie and Ian’s wedding and reception beautifully. They bring a tear to my eye, but renew the joy in my heart. Thank you

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