Maya Couture + Obici House | Part One | Styled Shoot

When a styled shoot has to be broken up into two parts (yes, there are TWO wedding gowns!!) — you know it was GOOD! It took the images so long to upload to SmugMug last night that I had to go to sleep and wake up in the morning for them to be finished. THAT GOOD.

Misty at Maya Couture is someone that contacted me a while back because I had worked with some of their brides, and instantly I was like oh my gosh I LOVE talking to her, it was so effortless and natural! She’s so down to earth and loves what she does, and talking to another person in the wedding industry who truly loves what they do- for the clients and not for the show and the money, that is a rare gem. Someone who treats them wonderfully and values each one and lives to see them happy, that’s exactly what I love about what she and I share together in this industry, so yes– I’ve grown VERY attached to this woman and her passion for bridal service!
I love that she named this shoot “Restoration Chic” — it’s perfect. All of the painted and vintage finished furniture, the use of color and natural elements like real magnolia leaves in the bouquet, so Southern and so classy! The invites are upbeat and modern but work perfectly with the wear-and-tear look of the other aspects of the shoot. There is a different gown and different design to Part Two so keep an eye out for that one 🙂

Thank you Elizabeth for assisting me! 🙂


Venue: The Historic Obici House
Attire: Maya Couture
Desserts: Simply Susan’s Bakery
Hair: Behind the Veil
Make-up: Kristine Marie Makeup Artistry
Interior Table & Chairs: Shelley’s Shabby Shack
Outside Décor: Somethin Borrowed or New
Food: Harper’s Table
China and other table decor: Table Seven
Florals: Char’s Floral Designs
Stationary: The Girl Tyler
Lighting (Drapery, etc for the interior): Blue Steel Lighting
Models: Alana & Chris
Framed Sketch: Anzen, In-House Designer at Maya Couture

maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-132013-11-14_0004 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-282013-11-14_0005 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-34 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-402013-11-14_0006 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-432013-11-14_0007 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-54 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-56 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-612013-11-14_0008 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-682013-11-14_0009 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-822013-11-14_0010 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-882013-11-14_0011 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-902013-11-14_0012 2013-11-14_0013 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-105 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-1112013-11-14_0014 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-116 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-1182013-11-14_0015 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-122 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-149 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-157 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-160 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-184 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-186 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-191 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-193 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-2032013-11-14_0016 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-213 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-2192013-11-14_0017 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-224 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-229 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-236 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-241 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-2462013-11-14_0018 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-250 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-261 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-262 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-265 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-268 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-277 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-284 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-291 maya-couture-suffolk-shoot-300

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  1. ashley link says:

    oh my GOSH! so much prettiness! love it!!! that looks like a blast! great job, lady! can’t wait to hang out with you next weekend! 🙂

  2. This is SO your style! <3 you!

  3. Misty Prewitt says:

    You are amazing, girl. You made my morning this morning with this post- I might have cried a little bit. Love you too!

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