McKenzie + Tony | Virginia Beach Maternity

Cohen is almost here! Four weeks give or take a little, these two incredible people will become parents. I LOVE that they wanted to start having children shortly after they were married because Mike and I have a similar story and I can completely relate! To us, there is no greater joy than starting a family and we were ready so soon. Tony and McKenzie are going to be such naturals when it comes to parenting and it makes me so happy to see two people head over heels bringing a beautiful baby into this world! 🙂

We got rained out two other dates and ended up with this beautiful, warm February morning – thank goodness – because McKenzie and I both are NOT cold weather people so I’m thrilled she got a gorgeous day like she deserves! Can you BELIEVE she only has four weeks to go?! She looks amazing!!! Her husband agrees 🙂 I loved seeing a man this in love with his wife and so fun to work with on a photo shoot..they were a joy and I loved this time with them! Congrats on your new addition, little Cohen will be here so soon!! 🙂

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  1. Awww, this is so sweet, Amanda! I guess you have a special perspective on becoming a mom/dad when you are a mom. Love seeing this sparkle of excitement in their eyes <3

  2. Beautiful as always my dear!! Gorgeous photography, gorgeous subjects!!

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