Megan + Mike | Colorful Beach Anniversary

These colors!!! Yellow, blue, teal on top of their wonderful fun personalities and colorful outfits– Megan and Mike ROCKED preparing for their session! The cool thing is that when you get to the second half, you’ll see a neutral and blush neutral toned version of them..which is JUST as cute and adds a touch of class! Megan’s sash on her dress the second half? Right off her wedding dress 🙂

Megan and Mike were married last year in OBX and I was a part of it. I’ll never forget the day, the typical on and off rain that you get down there halting the ceremony a little but alas came a beautiful sun AND emotion filled ceremony. There is no one out there like these two, they are head over heels who get through it all together. They have amazing senses of humors and such free spirits but they are SO down to Earth. I love them with all of my heart and am so grateful to be a part of their lives AND their images! 🙂 XOXOOXO

*PS- they scouted these colorful locations themselves, I highly recommend scouting for locations that will fit your personality perfectly! 🙂

colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-1 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-2 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-3 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-4 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-5 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-6 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-7 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-8 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-9 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-10 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-112013-08-29_0001 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-14 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-15 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-16 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-17 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-18 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-19 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-20 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-21 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-22 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-232013-08-29_0002 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-26 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-27 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-28 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-29 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-32 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-33 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-342013-08-29_0003 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-35 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-36 colorful-pink-teal-yellow-blue-beach-photo-37

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  1. Angela Goodman says:

    Nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

  2. Tammy Coleman says:

    Just as amazing as their wedding photos……I love the one of them w/their reflection in the water….

  3. Bobbie says:

    Great photos!

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