Megan + Mike | Part One | Nags Head Wedding Photographer

I can’t even really begin with anything worthy enough to describe how my heart felt when I was asked by Megan to shoot her wedding in OBX.

First of all, I adore her so it was an HONOR. We’re former coworkers and I was so happy that she was engaged but never expected to be asked to shoot her wedding!

Secondly, I have been visiting the Outer Banks since I was 9 months old. I grew up there and felt like I was meant to be there one day, to wake up there and enjoy a portion of my life living there with the man of my dreams. I got married in the Outer Banks two years ago and to say I’m a wedding photographer working down there now is a feeling I don’t even feel like I deserve, it’s a dream. I am forever grateful, there is nothing like it.

The day was BRIGHT, and then raining..and then sunny..and then cloudy. TOTALLY unpredictable as you’ll see in Part Two but for now, enjoy the getting ready and first look! 🙂





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  1. MeganOBX says:

    OMG!! Amanda!! You’re indescribably talented & I’m in tears looking at these!! Thank you SO much for being my friend, and thank you for sharing the most spectacular day of my life with me & Mike. <3 Can't wait for part 2

  2. Nonnie says:

    Beautiful Pictures! Your Photographer captured your Love for each other very well!
    Love Ya Honey..Nonnie

    1. MeganOBX says:

      Thank you Nonnie!! <3 you too!!

  3. sarah seth says:

    what great pictures of your future we so missed not being able to share and be a part of those memories with you

    1. MeganOBX says:

      I’m sorry you guys weren’t able to attend as well. Thank you for the love & support!! <3

  4. Julia says:

    OMG! I love all of them so much! Phenomenal photos! I’m in tears looking at them. Absolutely Gorgeous!!!!! AMAZING TALENT AMANDA!

    1. MeganOBX says:

      <3 She's the BEST!!

  5. Aunt Carole says:

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful people!! Brought tears to my eyes and made me even more sad that I was not able to attend.

    1. MeganOBX says:

      Thank you Carole!! We missed having you there!! <3

  6. Amanda O says:

    *~*~ <3 ~*~*

  7. Diane Edlinger says:

    It was a pleasure to finally get to know you both I love you both whole heartedly. I hope you both have a life of love and happliness. Love you always Diane Michelle Edlinger

    1. MeganOBX says:

      We love you very much Diane!! It was great to finally meet you as well. Thank you for everything you & Paul have done for us, we’re forever grateful!! <3

  8. Tammy Coleman says:

    Amanda, part one was amazing, Im anxiously awaiting the second part… captured my daughter and son in laws special day in a way only you could have. Remarkable photos!

    1. MeganOBX says:

      <3 I love ALL of them!!

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