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Did you see Part One of this wedding?!?! If you did, that means you were online TODAY. Yes, I finished a wedding in ONE day with a teething baby! Where’s my mother of the year award?! It was hard, but I did it. It’s 1 am so clearly it took while!

I had the couple write a little about each other for their love story, enjoy their words and their images put together <3

From MIKE:

It’s actually easier for me to define what I do NOT love about Megan…NOTHING. I love absolutely everything about her. I have never felt more comfortable and happy around someone my entire life. She has made me a better man and changed my life in so many ways. She is all that I could ever ask for in a woman.

I have been with Megan for 6 years and 9 months. That’s 2466 days, 59184 hours or 3551040 minutes. Every second that I’ve spent with her has found me falling more and more in love with her. We met, but not officially, years before our first date. I was actually quite rude to Megan, totally oblivious that she was the angel that would save me from my foolishness and grant me the chance to marry someone as wonderful as her. Our relationship has seen it’s goods, bads and uglies, but everything that Megan and I have been through has got us where we are. And I am happier today that I have ever been and wouldn’t wanna be anywhere but right here, right now with Megan by my side.

My favorite memory Megan and I have shared? Our marriage is probably the largest milestone in my life. Our wedding was truly magical. All of our family and friends were crying…and if you know most of our family…it was sort of unexpected. We had a chance to share our true love with everyone. It meant everything to me to have all of my loved ones witness that.


Our wedding had been a long time coming. We’ve been together since November 30, 2005!! What initially attracted me to Mike was that he seemed genuine. He was the same person when we were alone as he was when we were around family & friends. We had an instant connection and I fell…..HARD!!

2 months into our relationship we took a break to evaluate our feelings that had come on so fast & so strongly. They were the hardest 3 days our young love had faced! On that third day Mike called me to come over. We saw each other and lost it! We hugged & kissed and vowed that what we were feeling was real, TRUE love. Feelings like that don’t just happen, they’re cosmic. Something written in the stars! Back then, we knew it was forever and from that day forward we’ve been living our love song.

Even with the ups & downs & quite a few loops along the way, I wouldn’t dream of changing a single thing. We have a love like no other, you can’t describe it, you have to see it for yourself!! It’s so much more than a physical attraction, we have what some people spend their whole lives trying to find!!

I never forget how incredibly lucky I am to have Michael by my side. He’s the most caring, accepting, understanding, beautiful, intelligent & loving person on earth!! He’s my entire world & there are no words to express how overjoyed I am that he’s mine for life! :’-) I look forward to our life together as husband & wife and all of the memories we’ll make along the way!!






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  1. Michael Edlinger says:

    Wow, Amanda. I remember our wedding as wonderful and magical. But these pcitures truly show the beauty of that day. You’re awesome and I am forever greatful for these precious memories. Thanks for everything

    1. MeganOBX says:

      Couldn’t agree more, HUSBAND!! <3 Amanda is amazing & our photos will last us a lifetime!! 🙂

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