Megan & Mike | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

MY LOVES! I remember our date together at Ynot Pizza, venting about our jobs and the horrible customers that made our lives miserable while our Mikes chit chatted about … Harry Potter was it? Or something cute and nerdy like that 🙂

You two are an example for other people to follow when it comes to the commitment department. I know you’ve been together a few years now and when you told me you two were engaged Megan, I was OVER THE MOON! I knew it was coming soon, I just was ecstatic you two decided to tie the knot….and in a wonderful spot (I’m partial because it was our wedding spot, too!) like NAGS HEAD! 🙂

I can’t wait to be there for your big day. I love how much you two know about each other and how you do what you need to do as adults but you still play and enjoy life together. Thank you for choosing me and for becoming such wonderful friends to us! 🙂


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  1. Tammy Coleman says:

    These are absolutely beautiful, you captured them as they are together….loving, fun, silly….I love the shots of her ring….very creative work…I cant wait to see what you do for the wedding…. Tammy Coleman…aka mother of the bride to be!

  2. Nonnie (Bobbie) says:

    Megan the Pictures are Beautiful! You and Your guy look very happy…You are a Beautiful woman and I am so happy for you! Hopefully I will see you at your Wedding…Nonnie (Bobbie)

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