Melissa + Ronnie | Virginia Beach Engagement Photographer

I am TERRIFIED of bugs. Like ball my eyes out crying, sobbing and throwing things at any bugs that enter my car, house, personal space. But this session? It was WORTH finding a tick on my clothes! REALLY!

We got so lucky! Ronnie and Melissa are puppy lovin’ adorable and hilarious together, and we had a great location to shoot in Pungo. Between the horse following us everywhere, refusing to pose for me, kitty cats running around and an unexpected electric fence…we had fun and I would SERIOUSLY do it all over again! I can’t thank you two enough. Your smiles are contagious and your love is beeeeeeeautiful 🙂


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  1. Hali Wood says:

    love them!!!
    hahahah and every time we see dragonflies now Kyle says to me…”Amanda HATES dragonflies” lol

    1. LOL I told Mike this and he laughed, he’s like what’s wrong with you? No one hates dragonflies! Well I do, they are always flying around buzzing at my face and scaring me to death!!!!!!! LOL

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